What’s your wait limit?


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With every attraction at Walt Disney World you have to figure out how long you are willing to wait in line. There are a lot of factors that go into this decision.

The biggest factor that has to go into your decision to wait is if this will be your only trip. If this is going to be your one and only trip to Disney World do your research on all the attractions. For example, the Carrousel of Progress is a great attraction for Disney enthusiasts however for a one and only timer, I wouldn’t spend the wait time or 20 minute attraction time to skip an attraction like Space Mountain.

Use your fast passes wisely. Again, do your research, there are some attractions that offer fast pass but you don’t necessarily need it. For example you can get a fast pass for Mickey’s Philharmagic or Its Tough To Be A Bug. Each of those theaters hold approximately a thousand people and they are typically not long waits. Use your fast passes for slow loading attractions that have long waits like Flight of Passage, Test Track or Frozen Ever After.

Don’t forget to take into account investment versus reward. Take Peter Pan’s Flight, it’s a 3 minute attractions but has a consistently long wait of an hour plus just like Seven Dwarves Mine Cart.

Although don’t negate the fact that being at a park right at opening, aka Rope Drop, is a time saver. You can hit E ticket (headline) attractions with little to no wait. This is also known as the dash for splash or the race for space.

With these things in mind figure out how long you are willing to wait for attractions. My wife and I have a 20 minute rule for any attraction. We pick our fast passes wisely, typically saving them for later in the day. In the mornings we skip the E Ticket attractions while everyone else is running towards them and hit the less crowded attractions avoiding long lines. It has worked well for us.

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