We can all enjoy rides together again 


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     Our Disney World vacation this pass August was another milestone for our family. For the last few years my family has had to separate for certain attractions at Disney World. With our four kid’s ages 7-12 some of the kids were getting into more thrilling attractions while others were still enjoying the more tame ones. 
      Don’t get me wrong we all enjoy a spin on Dumbo however when it comes to fast passes, my girls who are older are more of a Space Mountain speed while the boys who are younger are not quite up to that yet and do Buzz Lightyear, my wife and I switch between going with the boys and the girls. 
     The attraction that put all of us on the same fast pass plan was Expedition Everest. For those who have read our blog recently you are aware of the extra special magic bestowed upon us which included any time fast passes and gave us all a chance to face the Yeti. The girls and my wife had been on Everest many times, the boys and I however have not until this trip. My oldest son was the first of the boys to step up to Everest and went on with my wife and daughters with one of his extra fast passes. This gave my youngest the courage to want to ride Everest. I could not be out done by my seven year old so I had to go on too. 
     When we all got off the ride and my youngest was raving about it, I knew our family had turned a corner. We will all still enjoy Dumbo and Journey into Imagination but will have to save a fast pass for an Everest or a Space Mountain. 
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