Souvenirs we had to buy.


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We all have had the experience where there was one, or more items we had to buy while on our Disney World vacation. Here are our top items we have had to buy on our trips.

Mike’s 4 had to buys:

Muppets – Star Wars figures: Kermit sky Walker and Fozzie-bacca. Enough said.

70s still Blue-Gold Walt Disney World hat..just a perfect hat for any age

Souvenir mugs-World Showcase: will say every country’s clear plastic mug that comes with the beverage

And one that we did not buy but almost did…Shruggie Tiki Desk Lamp

Kyle’s 4 had to buys.

Disclaimer- I am not a souvenir buyer. However, my wife and kids don’t have that problem. So I will use a few of my wife’s must haves.

My wife must buy a coffee mug each trip.

The next item she had to buy which actual took us a couple trips just because of timing to do is the silhouette cut outs which has to be done on Main Street at the Magic Kingdom.

Our next item purchased was not entirely my wife’s idea, but there was still no voice of reason on this must have was from Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto. She had to have her Pearl that her drink came in and in turn I had to keep my HippopotoMia-Tai. We couldn’t stop there though. We indulged in an Uh-Oa next and of course had to keep that glass too. We drew the line at the Nautilus though.

The most expensive item my wife has had to come home with was a complete set of dish ware with place a place setting for 10! This was complete with plates, bowls, serving bowls, cups and glasses. This isn’t our everyday dish ware and is a nice set with hidden Mickeys which was part of the appeal to my wife.

There are our must have souvenirs. What are yours? Comment here, on Twitter @disneyhelp or on Facebook at Disney Perspective.