If you are a frequent reader of the Disneyhelp site, you will recall my wife and I were gifted a dinner at Jiko at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. It was our 14th wedding anniversary and figured it would be a great experience for just the two of us.      We were seated quickly and our server greeted us almost instantly with hot towels to clean our hands and menus. He then left so we could peruse the menu. 
     Our meal at Jiko was excellent. We each had a drink, we had a Wild Boar Tenderloin for an appetizer. The portion was small although it was excellent. As the main course my wife had braised beef short ribs and I had the grilled wild gulf shrimp. Both were excellent and quite filling. We stopped eating our main course so we would have room for dessert. As with the rest of our meal the dessert was great. We shared the cheese cake due to the fact that we were already stuffing ourselves. The only part of the meal that I was not completely satisfied with was my beer, Tusker Beer from Kenya. The beer was a little darker than a light beer, I prefer a dark beer so it was probably my taste, not the beer itself. My wife had an African Rum Runner which was rather good. 
     The total cost of our meal was $160.00 including tip and a 30% discount with the special offer Disney was offering at select restaurants after 8:30pm. 
     The atmosphere was very calm and relaxing. Although our server was very efficient we didn’t feel rushed and we were able to enjoy an adult meal. There were plenty of options to choose from and was difficult to come to the choices we did. We took our server’s recommendations based on what we narrowed it done to. 
     The only part of the meal we found amusing yet sad was the table next to us. It comprised of a boy in his early teens and his parents. The boy was on his phone the entire time including while he was eating. The parents took turns being on their phones. At one point the mother attempted to have a conversation with her family and they just ignored her. We didn’t watch them through our entire meal just something we noticed since the tables were close together. 
     If you haven’t figured it out, we were very happy with our experience at Jiko. We look forward to going to Jiko again sometime. Wether we bring the kids or not depends on if we have a sitter along with us. 
     If you have been to Jiko we would love to hear your opinions. Leave a comment here, on twitter @disneyhelp or @CTDisneyFans or on Facebook at Disney Perspective.