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     There was a lot of extra magic bestowed upon us this trip which my wife and I have been raving about to anyone that will listening (willingly or not). 

     When we arrived at Kidani, our room wasn’t ready so we parked the car and headed out to the Magic Kingdom. After a great day at the Magic Kingdom, we got settled in our room and then met up with a cast member friend of ours. While we were talking to her, she said she arranged for a few surprises for us this week and would give us more details the next day. 
     The next day we spent a morning in Epcot before our pool break at the hotel. While on our pool break our cast member friend told us about her plan for our week. 
    The first part of her plan she told us about was just for my wife and I. We were told to pick a restaurant for Wednesday of our trip which was also our anniversary. We were able to get a reservation at Jiko which we had never been to before. 
     Our meal at Jiko was excellent. We each had a drink, we had a Wild Boar Tenderloin for an appetizer. The portion was small although it was excellent. As the main corse, my wife had braised beef short ribs and I had the grilled wild gulf shrimp. Both were excellent and quite filling. We stopped eating our main course so we would have room for dessert. As with the rest of our meal the dessert was great. We shared the cheese cake due to the fact that we were already stuffing ourselves. The only part of the meal that I was not completely satisfied with was my beer, Tusker Beer from Kenya. The beer was a little darker than a light beer, I prefer a dark beer so it was probably my taste, not the beer itself. Was an African Rum Runner which was rather good. 
     Our second surprise was a few extra fast passes per day for our trip. These were incredible in of themselves but having my father with us who has limited Disney experience, we were able to experience more attractions with him and give him a better idea of what Disney World has to offer. 
     The third surprise she had for my wife, our four kids my father and I was huge. She arranged for us to attend the Happily Ever After dessert part. It was the first time we had ever attended a dessert party, It was incredible! We had unlimited desserts and non alcoholic drinks. In addition to the food and drinks, we had a great view of the show from the Tomorrowland Terrace where we were able to watch the show sitting down without anyone in our way or crowding us. We were extremely spoiled at the dessert party and I’m sure the next time we see Happily Ever After it will not be in such a comfortable position. 
   Needless to say, all of these extra experiences made for a very magical trip and a vacation we will never forget. 
      What extra magic have you experienced on your Disney vacations? Leave a comment here, on Facebook at Disney Perspective or on twitter @disneyhelp.