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     We have just returned from our Disney vacation and there is a lot to talk about. I will not go point by point on what we did but hit the highlights over the next few posts. Here is the quick day to day. 
    The trip started out like any other. We arrived on Disney property a few hours earlier than expected. This being the case, we stopped at Disney Springs for a bit before checking into the DoubleTree hotel for our recovery after the long drive, I was out cold at 7:30pm and didn’t wake up until 6:00am. After collecting the few belongings we brought in we got back in the car and drove to Kidani Village at Animal Kingdom Lodge. 
     As expected, our room wasn’t ready so we headed to the Magic Kingdom. After a few attractions and some lunch at the Columbia Harbour House we left the Magic Kingdom and headed over to the Polynesian Resort. After our last experience with the Mouse Boat rental we decided to rent another boat. Except this time we rented the Bayliner Element which holds six people so this time we could all ride together. Later that day, a lot later my father arrived. 
     The following day we went to Epcot for a few hours and experienced The Universe of Energy one last time. We then headed back to the resort for a pool break and the returned to Epcot for dinner. We had dinner at La Hacienda in Mexico. The dinner was great and had we had a later reservation we could have watched Illuminations from there. Alas we could not stretch our meal out for three hours so we left and explored World Showcase. Early that day I saw that fast passes were available for Illuminations viewing and we jumped on the opportunity. 
     The next day we started at Hollywood Studios. After signing the kids up for Trials of the Temple we rode Star Tours before going on the Great Movie Ride one last time. My youngest son who thinks the witch and alien scenes are scary was protesting going on. However when we explained that this will be the last time ever, he cheered that it was closing and went on without further protest. We had lunch at 50’s Prime Time Cafe and left. We had to prepare for a big night out. We went to the Magic Kingdom and did the Happily Ever After dessert party (we will go over this on a future blog post). 
     The following day was Animal Kingdom. Here there were a lot of new experiences. First was Flight of Passage. To say it was incredible is an understatement. I believe it is the closest feeling to flying you can get without any mechanical means. The set up and theme is fantastic. The only bad spot I found was in the preshow. The “actor” in the preshow was, to put it politely, horrible. Another first was our whole family rode Primeval Whirl, my youngest son was finally tall enough to ride. We all then went on Expedition Everest. For me and my two boys it was our first time. We stayed until it got dark so we could see Pandora at night. The area is breathtaking in the day time and fascinating at night. I was a little disappointed that the “bioluminescent” light is done using a black light effect. I was expecting more like the Epcot ground lighting. Don’t get me wrong the area is still remarkable. 
     The next day was my wife and my 14th wedding anniversary. We went to Epcot and stayed for the day. At 4:30 I went to guest relations to meet for my Dive Quest tour (for more info on Dive Quest type Dive Quest in our search field for a full review). This was my ninth time doing the tour and it was fantastic as always, I can’t wait to do my tenth. After the dive my wife and I had dinner alone at Jiko, this was complements of a cast member friend of ours. See future blog posts for more on that. 
     Thursday was a Magic Kingdom day with lunch at the Liberty Tree Tavern. Since this was the only Magic Kingdom day for my father we tried to give him a taste of all that the Magic Kingdom had to offer hitting every land. 
     Our last day did not go as planned. I got sick in the middle of the night. My wife also got sick but not until later in the day. Since it was our last day, my father had a very early flight and left about 5am. It was a slow moving day for me and it took us a long time to pack up and get out of the room. We still went to the Magic Kingdom though. Since we had to be out of the room, we didn’t have much of an option but to venture out. 
     After leaving Kidani we drove to Georgia where we spent the night. I had rallied a little bit when my wife was at her worst and was able to do most of the driving to Georgia. Our total drive home took a little longer than expected but at least nobody else got sick. 
     Other than getting sick our last day it was a great trip as will be shown in future posts. How have your trips been? Leave a comment here, on Facebook at Disney Perspective or on twitter @disneyhelp.