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We have all seen them, the Mouse Boats, the Boston Whalers, pontoon boats and even the Grand One. These are the boats people can rent on the Seven Seas Lagoon, Bay Lake and Crescent Lake. My wife and I have rented a Mouse Boat a long time ago, pre kids. For a while now I have wanted to take the kids out on one of the boats and with our non parks trip, it was the perfect time. Here is how it went. Our second day of my he trip we had breakfast at O’Hana which was great. After breakfast we headed to the marina at the Polynesian.

When we went to the office at the marina, we asked them if we could rent a Mouse Boat. As usual, we got a certain look that comes with having four young kids none of which would have been able operate the boat themselves. We had to explain that I would be the boat operator and my wife would stay at the marina with the kids who were not riding at the time and they would ride taking turns. They were very much on board with our plan and worked with us for easy transitions when it was time to switch kids.
At the marina there was a Mouse Boat on land used for instructional purposes. After our tutorial of the boat, it was time to ride. Our goal was about 15 minutes per kid so that way it would be and hour total. Although it was enjoyable, with the 15 minute time limit we had barely enough time to go out to the front of the Magic Kingdom and head back. Even with the quick trip for each kid, they really enjoyed.
As I said in the last post, I wish I had paid more attention because we could have rented the Boston Whaler for almost the same price and it would have fit all six of us, lesson learned. So you don’t make the same mistake I did here is the price break down for boat rentals.
The Mouse Boats are actually called Sea Raycers and they are for 2 people

30 minutes-$32. 45 minutes-$40. 60 minutes-$45
17′ Boston Whaler for 6 people

30 minutes-$45
21′ Sun Tracker pontoon boat holds 10 people

30 minutes-$45. 60 minutes-$90

Specialty Cruise Basic 8 people includes driver starting at $299

Specialty Cruise Premium 10 people includes driver starting at $349
Sea Ray “Grand One” Yacht Excursion for 5 people starting at $699
Guided Bass Fishing Excursion for 5 people

Two hour morning tour $270 Two hour afternoon tour $235

Four hour tour $455
Pirate’s Adventure Cruise- Ages 4-12 $37 per child
For those of you wanting a water experience with a little more excitement check out

Sammy Duvall’s Water Sports Centre-

Water Skiing, Tubing and Wake Boarding up to 5 people

30 minutes-$85. 60 minutes-$165.

Premium excursion $185 per hour Two hour minimum
Parasailing- $95 Regular Single, $130 Deluxe Single, $170 Regular Tandum,

$195 Deluxe Tandum
Personal Watercraft- $80 per 30 minutes and $135 for 60 minutes
So, that’s the break down of the watercraft rentals and our experience with the Mouse Boats. Share your experiences and comment here, on Facebook at Disney Perspective or Twitter @disneyhelp.