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It’s time again to to give the lists of podcasts we listen to and why. Our listening habits change from time to time for various reasons. However there are a few that always have our ears. So here are our podcasts we faithfully listen to in no particular order.
Kyle’s list.

WDW Today has been on my listening list since I have been downloading podcasts. These shows cover everything Disney. Last year there was a major changes with new hosts arriving and adding a needed positive energy to the show.
WDW Radio is an original for me too. Here, Lou is the only host but frequently has guests. WDW Radio covers news, restaurant reviews and some history.
Be Our Guest podcast is a steady listen with three episodes a week. The three hosts play off each other well. Along with their Disney knowledge and current topics one of the things I like about them is fund raising and plugging they do for Give Kids the World.
Wedway Radio/Wedway Now is a must if you like your Disney history. Wedway Now is the current events show and Wedway Radio is the history.
DFB (Disney Food Blog) Podcast is another great listen. The only down side is the show is very infrequent the last show being aired in August. AJ Wolf knows her Disney food though and worth the listen.
The Unofficial Guide’s Disney Dish with Jim Hill. Here Len Testa author of The Unofficial Guide and the all knowing Jim Hill report current reports and the future of Disney parks with a little history mixed in. They are great playing off of each other and the conversation is natural.
The Disney Exchange is another favorite. They are fun to listen too and give good suggestions.
Mickey Miles and More Podcast was one I started to listen to a couple years ago. I had heard it mentioned on the WDW Today podcast from former host Mike Scopa (not our Mike Scoppa, the other guy) who is the current host of Mickey Miles and More with. I began listening after my back injury and running became a necessity. Here I get Disney info with running tips on the middle.
Unlocking the Magic is a recent find. This husband and wife team is hysterical to listen to and reminds me of my wife and I. They love listener interaction an have had some pretty impressive Guest for their relatively new show.
3’oclock Parade is a fun take on all things Disney. Here, three hosts are very opinionated and don’t hold back. It is not safe for kids but a great listen.
Top of the World DVC Podcast is new, but great for all your DVC news and info. Terry and Joel are personable, easy and fun to listen to.
Finally we have Butter and Bacon Podcast. The three hosts are down to earth and play off each other nicely. They have good information and it feels like you are right there part of their conversation.
Mike’s top 5 most often listened to..and one in its own class. Had to limit..since I was at work.
WDW Today: still the legacy podcast for WDW conversation and opinions. The show has maintained all of its knowledge (Len) while injecting an additional life and perspective with the new hosts.
WDW Radio show: Lou. Lou. Lou. Akin to listening to Peter Gammons in baseball terms, Lou may always have the positive side..but hey, we are talking about vacations in the happiest place on earth..so that is good.
Be Our Guest Podcast: may not be anyone that we relate more with as fathers of young children than Mike. Always enjoyable when we have sports and Disney crossing conversations.
Unofficial guide: Disney dish. Jim Hill and Len take us on discussions that can so easily feel like a night out at tavern of more insider knowledge than anyone else.
Butter and Bacon:  if the Disney dish is a talk at a tavern, butter and bacon is hanging out at a poolside cookout with friends ( no glass of course). Conversation..and more conversation about the good stuff of WDW. Having actually guested on the football version…have to claim complete bias.
And in its own category….

The 3 o’clock parade podcast: the absolute anarchy..humor..fun perspective of the (un)holy trio cannot be matched in any way.

Will quickly mention the others that are also on my subscription: WDW Main St, The Disney Exchange, the DVC podcast, Unlocking the magic, WedWay now. all really good listens!

We look forward to hearing your favorites as well.