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When planning a Disney trip, choosing which fast pass is the one must have for each park is very valuable.  So in honor of the NFL playoffs with an upcoming super bowl of two MVP-caliber QBs, we put together a list our most valuable FP+. Mike and I (Kyle) will give our top Fast Pass pick for the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.

Kyle’s Picks:
Magic Kingdom- Right out of the gate this is a tough one. I am torn between Peter Pan and Seven Dwarves Mine Cart. Both have extremely long lines all day. Full disclosure, I have not done stand by line in either. That being said, I would have to pick the Mine Cart over Peter Pan. Mine Cart is a mid level thrill ride for little adventure seekers. I would “rope drop” Peter Pan if I could only Fast Pass one.

Again this is another tough choice and Frozen Ever After isn’t even on the radar. My choices would be either Test Track or Soarin. Like Peter Pan and Seven Dwarves Mine Cart both lines can get lengthy. Although the Soarin queue isn’t the best, I would still choose to Fast Pass Test Track because the line is slow and long. Not to mention this ride will shut down in bad weather which Florida will have pop up thunder showers frequently.
Hollywood Studios- This one is a no brainer. I would pick Toy Story Mania all day although this is a great queue and you can live your nostalgia, it is a long, long, long wait.
Animal Kingdom- There is a reason why the term “Animal Kingdom hot” is commonly used in Disney speak. So what better way to cool off than getting soaked on Kali River Rapids.

Mike’s Picks
Magic Kingdom: Peter Pans Flight. No attraction has a potential worse line compared to ride length than this classic. This FP allows our family to also see the other small Fantasyland attractions in a timely manner as the first land in the morning at MK.

Honorable mention: Splash Mountain
Epcot: Soarin. Another slow moving standing line. The FP here again would work best after seeing the other tier 1 queues (test track, frozen ever after) first thing in the morning.

Honorable mention: Spaceship Earth


Hollywood Studios:Toy Story midway mania. Probably could be done if you arrived first thing without a FP, alas with a family it’s only a short line on rope drop. Considering the patience of the small children that love the attraction, sign me up for a quick line.

Honorable mention: Rockin’ Rollercoaster


Animal kingdom:Kali River rapids. This attraction is a must for our family, although not until after spending the first 90 minutes of our DAK day over in Africa. Additionally we prefer to be on here later in the morning as the weather gets hotter.

Honorable mention: Kilimanjaro Safari

Again these may not be the must-have or longest attraction waits..but for us the value in the FP+ selection will often take into account how the wait would affect the entire day for the whole family.

What are your MV(F)P+’s. comment here, on Twitter @disneyhelp or on Facebook at Disney Perspective.