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     We have all seen them all around Disney World, Disney buttons. I’m not talking about the collectible pins, but the buttons that say, I’m celebrating, happy birthday, first visit, anniversary, just engaged and just married. My family has experienced all of these buttons. 
     The first button my wife and I experienced was the just engaged button. It was the first trip we took together. We got engaged at Cinderella’s Royal Table at dinner and got the buttons soon after. From there, my wife and I had received a free non alcoholic drink at the Lunching Pad when we stopped by for a snack the day after we got engaged. We had also got fast passes through out the week, back when they were paper. 
     Because where else would we celebrate our honeymoon we got the Just Married button, top hat and veil ears which I was against at first until the special treatment we started to get. There were many congratulations, fast passes and we got a couple desserts at dinners. Two special happenings really stick out. In Norway, we rode Maelstrom. Here, the Norwegian Cast Member gave us our own boat although it was quite busy. The next one that stands out happened latter in the week. I had just finished my first dive ever at the Living Seas, now the Seas with Nemo. We had a dinner reservation at the Coral Reef after and my dive partner was having dinner a few tables away. When we all introduced ourselves before the dive, he said he was a Cast Member and just got assigned to Dive Quest, I had mentioned that I had just got married. That being said, after our dinner a glass of champagne and dessert was brought to our table courtesy of my dive partner. 
     A birthday button is always special. In my family we have been on my wife’s birthday twice, my oldest daughter’s birthday and mine. The first time we went on my wife’s birthday we didn’t have any kids. It was a long day with a late flight and a late dinner. Of course we got a birthday button for her and headed off to the then Downtown Disney for a 10pm dinner at Planet Hollywood. We had partaken in a few drinks before dinner and without food was a bad idea. My wife told just about everyone it was her birthday, it was pretty funny. Of course she told our waiter it was her birthday at dinner. He gave her a free drink (because it was what she needed) and had her stand on the table and proclaim it was her birthday to the restaurant. I still poke fun at her about it.
     When we went for my birthday, there was no standing on tables but I did receive free admission as part of the promotion that year. Since we are annual pass holders they gave me a gift card equivalent to a one day pass, at the time about $90.00. There was a stipulation on it, you could not buy food or drinks. I am not a souvenir buyer for myself but we had three young kids at the time who reaped the benefits of it. 
     My wife and oldest daughter have birthdays four days apart and wore their buttons proud during that birthday week. My wife wasn’t recognized for her birthday much but my daughter received what seems like a life time supply of stickers throughout the week. 
     We were also there for my wife’s brother’s 21st birthday. This was a trip we took my wife’s parents and brother, my family which consisted of my two sisters, my brother in law, my nephew, my mother and stepfather and my father and stepmother (yes they all get along, awkward for most but it works for us) during our first trip as DVC members. We had a one year old at the time and my wife was pregnant with our second child. Now that the back story is over, my older sister, both brother in laws and I were out for extra magic hours at the Magic Kingdom. We went on space mountain and when we got off, a Cast Member noticed my brother in law’s birthday button. That being said, we rode space mountain four times in a row. It was awesome. However I would have declined a fifth time. 
     Next we experienced the 1st Visit button. Not for us obviously but for our children. Although we were excited to experience Disney World with our kids, other than having the momento, not much happened as far as extra magic. Of course the fact that our four kids were 1, 6 months, 1 and a half and 5 months when they had their first visits extra treats and magic were were limited. 
     The I’m Celebrating button was a special one for us. My wife got the buttons from the front desk at Kidani Village. We were celebrating being back and healthy. I had been involved in a bad motorcycle accident, recovery was long. Being DVC we had plenty of points saved up and planned a trip. When my wife explained the extent of injuries and hopefully her struggles as much as mine, they made our stay magical. Mouse Keeping had come everyday which typically only happens one or twice a trip depending on length of stay for DVC members. Treats were dropped off to our room. The biggest treat was on our last night. A large white chocolate Mickey that was standing upright along with other snacks were dropped off at the room. It was impressive to say the least. In the parks, we were congratulated and offered our choice of seating on attractions and a couple times at meals. It was a magical trip. 
     Anniversary buttons have their own special magic. In recent years, we have gone to Disney World on the week of our anniversary. We get our buttons that say how many years we have been married and the magic begins. Desserts and champagne have been some of the extra magic to bestowed onto us and even a fast pass or two. The most memorable was last year. We checked into Kidani Village on our anniversary. I kind of screwed up big, I hadn’t got anything for my wife. I know it’s hard to believe a guy would screw up like that. I was so focused on the trip, including making reservations at Cinderella’s Royal for breakfast on our anniversary I didn’t get anything. When I asked the front desk if I could have something special delivered to the room I was willing to pay and dearly. I was told they could do something and when I asked how much the woman said don’t worry about it. She asked if we would be back from the parks in the evening and I said yes, she said ok and that was it. So we get back to our room and start to settle in. I left the room and there was a knock at the door. It was room service with a bottle of champagne. My wife thanked the man and tipped him. A few minutes later, there was a another knock at the door and this time it was chocolate covered strawberries, again there was a thank you and a tip. When I returned to the room my wife asked if I had planned this. Of course I said yes (hopefully she doesn’t read this part) and she was thrilled. 
     Needless to say the buttons are full of Magic. So the next time you are down, get your special button and be proud you are celebrating something, you never know what will happen. Don’t for get to recognize other people for their buttons to. A friendly happy birthday and congratulations is always fun to give and receive. 
     What magic have you had happen with a button? Comment below, on twitter @disneyhelp or on Facebook at Disney Perspective.