In our last trip our family visited Animal Kingdom in our first full some of this information can be found in “the first day” that we covered a few months back. For this post we will try to go through the touring plan for our family to compare to Kyle’s earlier post this well as however your family may decide to spend their days at the park.

Our Animal Kingdom day starts with the bus from Disney’s Beach Club Villas around 8am. Our goal with the early start is to get in during Extra Magic Hours just before the regular day crowd. By arriving around 830am we were able to peacefully stroll through discovery island on our way to Africa for a Kilimanjaro Safari experience. 

When we arrived at the safari entrance the standby was only 15 minutes, yet we decided to use the 9am FP+..this would be our only window before the 10am festival of lion king. The Kilimanjaro Safari itself is, in my opinion, is the most unique attraction in Walt Disney World..where the live animals will give you a different experience even for the frequent visitor. (The part of the super-sized keep ride through the fields by the Giraffes is a personal favorite.) 

After the safari we took in the first show (10am) of the Festival of the Lion King. Each time in this show leaves most singing on the way out..which for us meant a walk over to Asia. When arriving over there we exercised our Kali River Rapids FP+ in the middle of that window. After a long but quick walk through the themed queue we jumped on a raft with 4 others. Our youngest and I were looking forward to getting soaked..but one of the other guests was the “lucky” one on this ride.

Kali was not our last attraction in Asia however. Half of our party decided we would indeed go for the ride on Expedition Everest nearby the Kali exit. We were able to get right in at the start of our 1120am FP window ..which was great for little wait but unfortunately gives you much less of the great queue. The ride however on EE was fantastic as usual, with my daughter and I in the second row.

After the coaster attraction, we met up with the rest of our party and decided to just wander around instead of hitting the noon show if Finding Nemo the Musical. (I was even able to enjoy a Victory Golden Monkey Lager during the stroll.) Disney’s Animal Kingdom is definitely a park that you want to give yourself some time to walk and observe the theme down to the cement paths.  After taking one last picture of the Tree of Life, we decided to head out back to the resort.

All in all, a nice four hours in the park..with vey little cross trapsing to tire any of us out.

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