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Kyle’s plan
     Here we share our Epcot plans this trip was a little different for my typically we will do Future World East or West, then head into World Showcase (of course we do it the proper way starting in Mexico). The difference this time was our desire to go on a Monorail ride and be back to Kidani Village to enjoy the pool and the animals. So here it goes with our altered plans.


     On our first Epcot morning, we started by hitting Mission Space first thing. This was the first time our entire family went on this attraction since our youngest was talk enough to ride. From there we used our first Fast Pass on Test Track. We then watched the Jammitors. If you haven’t seen these guys you should. They look like janitors, but then they turn their trash cans into drums and start jamming, hence the name Jammitors. Next was a trip to the Imagination Pavilion here we visited Figment on Journey into Imagination which is another one of my boys favorites which we had a Fast Pass for. After Figment we visited the DVC lounge, this is located at on the second floor of the Imagination Pavilion and was opened for the 25th anniversary of DVC. Here people can relax a bit, charge cell phones, get a complimentary snack and soda. Once we enjoyed the DVC Lounge for a bit we used our last Fast Pass for Spaceship Earth. 
     Our second morning at Epcot started with rope dropping Soarin, which we walked right onto. When we got out of the attraction the line was an hour. We then went on one of my wife’s favorites, Living with the Land. Our first Fast Pass was for Soarin, yes we did it again, this time we were in the dead center and it was great. We sat on the right side during our first time and parts of the attraction was a little off, still enjoyable but a little off. Next we had a Fast Pass for Figment and then we hit the DVC Lounge again. Our final Fast Pass was for The Seas with Nemo followed by lunch. Lunch was at the Coral Reef which is within the Seas with Nemo pavilion. This is one my kids have wanted to go to for a while. The reason why wasn’t the food, there was an advertisement that they watched showing they could see the fish while they ate, also they had seen me dive in the Seas multiple times. 
     The third and final time we visited Epcot was in the evening. Starting with a Fast Pass at Spaceship Earth. We skipped our next Fast Pass and headed to Mexico for a little boat ride with the three Caballeros and then a margarita. It was probably the quickest margarita my wife and I have ever had. We had a little time before our final Fast Pass at the new Frozen attraction. However, when we walked past the Anna and Elsa meet and greet location the wait was only 10 minutes which brings us to why we had to drink up fast. So after our quick margarita and a meet and greet, to was time for Frozen. Although it was a good ride and my kids really liked it, I can’t understand why people would wait up to two or three hours to ride it taking up a lot of valuable vacation time. While we had snacks around World Showcase we tried a lot of new treats. First was a churro in Mexico, I know it’s not exotic and new but it’s one of our traditions. We hit The Joy of Tea cart in China and got a Lucky Combo which is a curry chicken pocket with two egg rolls a drink and ice cream, I chose the ginger flavored one. Next was a stop at the Karamell Kuche in Germany where we got the caramel popcorn, large of course and a caramel apple. In Italy we got a few gelatos, a cannoli and an Italian Margarita. We skipped the American pavilion for food and jumped to the Kabuki Cafe and had a Kakigori which is a Japanese shaved ice rainbow flavored with the sweet milk topping and a Blood Orange Sake Mist which was fantastic. Unfortunately this is where our treat tour ended because we had to go to our Illuminations viewing spot (between Mexico and China but don’t tell anyone). 
     My wife and I were a little disappointed that we didn’t finish our treat tour. So for our next trip we decided to to spend more time in Epcot. 
Mike’s plans

Epcot summer 
Planning a visit for attraction touring in Epcot over many years of traveling with small children can be both varied and challenging. Staying at Disney’s Beach Club villas in the Epcot Resorts has helped define a simpler way for our family to entertain the children and allow for the adults to enjoy.

Everything begins with the Beach Club having walking access to Epcot’s International Gateway, a unique second entrance to the park that allows visitors to enter directly into World Showcase. After we arrive from our drive down each summer and proceed to check in, we will walk over through that entrance, heading towards our Future World Fastpass reservations for a few afternoon hours. As laid out in the arrival recap, this was our only “afternoon” park visit.

This Epcot trip for eight (four adults, four children) began with arrival at the seas with nemo. Fastpass #1 let us have a quick entry and ride through. Although we usually hit the Turtle talk attraction, for this trip we opted to check out the aquarium tanks before moving on to the land pavilion.

The walk to the land is a short one from the seas. Usually our group heads directly to Soarin with Fastpass #2. On this trip we had approximately 20 minutes before that window opened, so we decided to see the Living with the Land boat attraction. This was a first for me and a two of my kids (my wife had been on years ago with our youngest). After hearing so much about the peaceful but interesting ride, I have to say I was even more impressed than I expected. Definitely will be part of each Epcot afternoon moving forward. After the boat ride, we went excitedly to see the new Soarin around the world. This version is definitely more of a “ride” than it’s predecessor, ironic because nothing actually changed physically in the experience. The revisions to the film, especially the transitions made it a bit more thrilling, which was good for some in our group…less so for others..but very enjoyable for all, nonetheless.

After Soarin’ we stopped by our first Epcot beverage and snack cart, grabbed our first souvenir popcorn bucket and eventually walked over to Epcot’s iconic attraction, Spaceship Earth with Fastpass #3. Luckily, we had an even number so each member had a partner for the eventual look into our own future part of the attraction. The ride is a must do for some part of our trip, usually one we save for when we wander towards the front of the Future World part of park due to its location (and ours from our resort).  

Once finished here we began our walk back towards World Showcase to wrap our first afternoon in Epcot. On that walk, I did manage to stop at the much maligned Canada pavilion beer cart for a Unibroue in my favorite Epcot souvenir mugs. We continued past Canada to England where we looked for the kids favorite cast member addition, the chalk hopscotch board on the walking path just outside the Rose and Crown. Finally we wandered out the gateway towards our resort.
Throughout our trip we would continue to use this entry for an hour or two around nightly dinners in Epcot’s Canada, Japan, Mexico, and Japan pavilions. Scattered over the nights, along with each of these short we managed to enjoy a surprise Fastpass for Test track, as well as a trip to the Grand Fiesta tour after dinner at La Hacienda de San Angel, and quite a few stops to snack and drink at each country.
We also popped in for the Epcot morning extra magic hour to ride the new Frozen ever after attraction before using the friendship boat from the international gateway to head to Hollywood studios for a late morning arrival.
This style of touring Epcot allows us to visit the park without actually using any full mornings, allowing those to go parks where mornings are needed for attraction touring efficiency. It will surely change up again with our next trip to a resort outside that Epcot Resorts area.
     That wraps up the Epcot plans. How do you plan a trip at Epcot? Leave a comment here, on Twitter @disneyhelp or on Facebook at Disney Perspective.