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We thought we would do our next step of “how we did it” with the first full day in the parks. This is usually morning filled with great excitement for all, looking to star on a great note.

Kyle day 1:
Day one for my family always starts with the Magic Kingdom. The start to this trip was a little different, we met up with some friends of ours on their first trip ever. It was extra magic hours and we started in Storybook Circus, our friends joined us for the first hour riding Barnstormer 3 times in a row, Dumbo, Mad Tea Party and Prince Charming’s Regal Carrousel.
We separated at that point and my family headed to Adventureland, right at 9am. We hit Aladdin’s Magic Carpets followed by Pirates of the Caribbean. Next we used our first fast pass of the day at the Jungle Cruise. My younger daughter always asks to go to Tom Sawyer’s Island so we went over for a bit in between fast passes. After playing on Tom Sawyer’s Island we went to the Country Bears Jamboree, I think it’s hilarious, my wife doesn’t enjoy all the lyrics like Blood on the Saddle. Then it was time for our next fast pass, but this is where we split our group. My wife and sons went to Its a Small World and my daughters and I went on Splash Mountain.
This brought us to 11:30am and it was time for our lunch reservation at The Skippers Canteen. The details were great, our waitress was fantastic and the Jungle Cruise type jokes were as you would expect of a Jungle Cruise themed restaurant. A full article about the Skippers Canteen is coming so I will leave it here for now. We played Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom before our last attraction of the day, Seven Dwarves Mine Cart which we had a fast pass for.
We left the Magic Kingdom and headed to Hollywood Studios to go to Muppet Vision 3D which was closing for a refurbishment before we planned to go to the Studios for the day.
After Muppets it was back to Kidani for a swim and to freshen up for dinner. We ate at Sanaa with our friends, we were able to get a table for ten. The kids were extremely excited about being in Disney World together, it was their last day. After a fantastic dinner it was time to part ways and wish them a safe trip home. Our day wasn’t quite over, we had to meet up with someone first. Last year at Kidani we met a recreation cast member, Deandra. Deandra quickly became a favorite of my family, she was great with our kids and made our trip more enjoyable. After a quick chat we made plans to meet again the next day. After we finished unpacking it was time to call it a night.

The first full day: Mike
For our first full day we usually head to the Magic Kingdom based on tradition. However this summer out first full day was a Monday, so we took the opportunity for extra magic hours in the Animal Kingdom. In our opinion, EMH are different here compared to other parks ..more about getting in ahead of the rope drop crowd to walk through discovery island to head back towards the Africa section. This allows us to work backwards forward from the rear of the park.
We left to catch the bus at the Beach Club and we’re lucky enough to see one pull up in the first ten minutes. We arrived at the park, moved through security and then into our trek towards the Africa area. Upon arrival in Africa, we started soaking in the atmosphere. This is one of the best themed areas in WDW. It may rival only Main Street USA in that capacity. Along with the continuous incredible views of the Tree of Life, Animal Kingdom is a fitting alternative to being enveloped in the world for any trips first full morning.
We spent time on yet another great safari ride. May be only one man’s opinion, but I believe Kilimanjaro Safari is the most incomparable attraction in any Florida them park. Afterwards we strolled past the Harambe market towards the Festival of the lion king theater for our first show of the trip. Also a great time to catch our breath and lay out a plan to enjoy this great park. (I’ll get into that as We compare ways to tackle each park.)
Afterwards we began our wander of the park for a few hours before heading back to the resort around noon.
On our bus return, I decided to test out the fourth FP option for the first time ever. We were able to secure 8 FP to Test track (for after our ADR in Epcot that evening) while on the My Disney Experience app. This was an unexpected surprise to our trip and had us even more excited to continue our day.
When we pulled into the Yacht and Beach Club we decided to get off at the Yacht Club to enjoy a walk through as well as a stop at Beaches and Cream for a milkshake to go. Afterwards we readied the kids for the pool and headed off to Stormalong Bay.

If you have never stayed at either of these resorts this pool experience is the most complete on property, perhaps a level below the water parks themselves. We enjoyed the large pirate slide and the beach sand bottom area of our pool ..as well as a beverage from Hurricane Hannah’s.
After the pool we went out towards Teppan Edo in the Japan pavilion in Epcot. (We will only make our ADRs in the Epcot and Epcot resort area when staying over by Crescent Lake). The hibachi style is a favorite of our kids, who only enjoy it on our WDW trips. After dinner we went over enjoyed our Test Track FP and then back towards the Beach Club Villas for the evening.
So that’s our first day. What are your first day traditions? Leave a comment here, follow us on Twitter @disneyperspective and like us on Facebook at Disneyperspective.