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     If you are like me, you are a planner. Having a plan is great and you do need one for a Disney vacation, however don’t be to set in the plan you make. Nothing ever goes as planned on vacation, from bad weather to sick kids, rides that break down, last minute renovations of hotels or attractions, you get the idea. 

     Like I said, I am a planner and sometimes my wife has to reel me in so I don’t plan our day minute to minute. I also have the problem of sticking to the plan I have poured over for months and don’t allow for some spontaneity in the trip. The good thing is I can recognize my faults in this area with a little help from my wife. 
     Going off the plan has paid off for us time and time again and as a result I have put them in my plans for future trips. One of the biggest gains we have had going off plans are the “random” performers and character meets throughout the parks. A favorite of ours is the Jammitors in Epcot. If you haven’t seen them before, they look like janitors who turn their trash cans and lids into drums, hence the name. Allow yourself some flexibility. We have found that if an attraction that we want to go on has a longer wait than we are willing to stand in line for, there is always an attraction with a smaller wait and maybe go on an attraction that isn’t on everyone’s radar. This doesn’t mean that skip all headliner attractions by any means, we just use our fast passes wisely and hit some attractions at certain times. For example, slow loading rides i.e. Dumbo, the Barnstormer and Magic Carpets of Aladdin get bogged down and have longer lines later in the day where at first thing in the morning there are no waits. That being said one of my plans is to be at the Magic Kingdom at opening and go straight to the Barnstormer, Dumbo and the Tea Cups. This may sound silly and a waste, but when everyone else is in line for the headliners we ride the smaller attractions with no wait. We are often able to ride multiple times in a row without getting off. We then use our fast passes for the bigger attractions. The fast loading rides like the ones with omnimover systems (Haunted Mansion, Ariel’s Adventure, Seas with Nemo) are quicker loading since they never stop moving, are attractions we go on in between our fast passes since the waits are typically quicker. 
     This vacation is a marathon not a sprint so pace yourselves, allow for those spontaneous moments and those magical things you may open yourself up to. Don’t forget you may not get to everything on your plan for that day for a variety of reasons. Nor will you be able to do everything Disney World has to offer in one trip. Also knowing that the parks will be crowded and it will most likely be hot when you go helps you to mentally prepare for your trip. I have a friend who is going for the first time soon and those were the words of advice I gave him, he is now a little less anxious about the trip now that he is planning to be hot and in a crowd all the time.  
     In closing, have a plan but don’t be married to it, treat it like a guide. If you have any tips for the A type planner we would love to hear them. Comment here, on Facebook at Disney Perspective or on Twitter @disneyhelp.