Last week we did our Disney must list, now it’s time for the must not list.

Mike’s list
1. Avoid Staying in park all day if you have kids under 10. They will get more out of less time on most days.
2. Do not assume cheaper is best for accommodations. It’s like the cheaper bottle of wine at a restaurant…there is probably better value if you spend a bit more.
3. Try not to skip out on table service dinner because of cost. WDW is one of the few places you can enjoy a nice sit down dinner with your kids where people expect them to be kids.
4. Remember what frightens your children in their everyday life. Just because it’s a WDW ride doesn’t mean they won’t be afraid of the extreme dark..best not to put them on those attractions.

Kyle’s list

1. Do not stay from open to close at the parks. You will get burned out on your vacation and ruin your week. If you do, at least take a break.

2. Don’t be married to your game plan. Enjoy some spontaneity.

3. Don’t discount attractions with short waits i.e. Carrousel of Progress, American Adventure, Muppets 3D and It’s Tough to be a Bug, they are great shows and a place to sit for a bit (in air conditioning).

4. Don’t rush through the parks. Soak in all the details, some are really funny.
So, there are our Must Nots. If you have any to add, contact us here, on Facebook at Disney Perspectives or on Twitter @disneyhelp.