Ok..will admit this is a stretch for a title. Alas, this week we are looking at top sandwiches at Walt Disney World..which will include anything on a roll, bread, waffle, etc. 

Here are our top 8..in no particular order..although one of us did most of the heavy lifting:

Kyle’s List

1. The first on my list is the Rueben at the Plaza Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. The sandwich is good size and has become my go to at the Plaza.

2. At the Sunshine Seasons in Epcot the turkey, Monterey Jack with chipotle mayonnaise on Ciabatta bread is a great sandwich and $10.49 is not a bad price for the size of it and it comes with potato salad. 

3. The Boulangerie Patisserie at the France pavilion in Epcot has the Jambon Beurre which is a ham and cheese with Dijon mustard on a demi baguette and is $7.50. 

4. In Disney Springs at the Earl of Sandwich, the Buffalo Chicken wrap for $6.99 is my sandwich of choice although I do need to order two.  Along with buffalo sauce and grilled chicken it has romaine lettuce and ranch dressing. 
5. Port Orleans Riverside Mill Food Court- bacon egg and cheddar cheese sandwich $5.99 

6.Epcot Norway pavilion Kringla Bakeri- Norwegian Club it has turkey, bacon, jarlsberg and Munster cheese with fresh tomatoes, sliced red onion and lingonberry mayonnaise on toasted multigrain bread. For $8.49. 

These are my current choices although I do lament in the loss of the Hot Italian Sandwich at Pizzafari in Animal Kingdom which is no longer on the menu. 

Mike’s additions:

7. Pulled pork at flame tree bbq. ($10.99) No need to add extra sauce ..layers of pork on a soft bun..smoked with the famous Flame Tree seasoning. 

8. Spicy chicken waffle sandwich(formerly at sleepy hollow..but no longer available)..which may now be replaced by buffalo chicken waffle slider at Trilo Bites in Animal Kingdom ($5.49)

Looking back..Kyle is our sandwich expert  on all things WDW.

As always, these are only a few of the great sandwiches. Have to throw a suggested try to the plauded “Holiday Turkey sandwich for $6.99” at Earl of sandwich at Disney springs. Neither of us had tried it..but apparently we are the minority. 

If you have any of your own..please tweet us @disneyhelp or hit us up on Facebook.