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     Today we will look at other resort options if you can’t get into your first choice. We will look at the DVC resorts that are comparable based on theming and design. 
     The first two we will look at are the Wilderness Lodge and Animal Kingdom Lodge. The similarities begin the second you pull up to the front of the resorts. Both have a rustic feel, with the Wilderness Lodge looking like a large log cabin with a green roof like a Lincoln Log roof. Animal Kingdom Lodge has a mud hut look with a thatched roof. Both give you that ready for adventure in the outdoors feel. When you walk into both resorts there is a very open feeling to them. They have a very wide, long and high lobbies. Both maintain their rustic appeal with wood looking finishes on almost all surfaces. Animal Kingdom Lodge like the Wilderness Lodge have their concierge desk and check in desk on the sides. However with both resorts you are drawn to the rear of the lobby. The Wilderness Lodge has a brook that starts in the lobby and goes into the feature pool of the resort complete with geyser that erupts every hour simulating Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park. As with Animal Kingdom Lodge the rear of Wilderness Lodge lobby has a glass wall so you can see where the brook leads and the geyser erupt. At Animal Kingdom Lodge you are treated to a sneak peek of the Savannah. Their rooms reflect the lobby having artifacts of the wilderness and Africa respectively. You can also find fireplaces ablaze in both resorts in common areas. Another reason these resorts seem similar is due to the fact that they were designed by the same architect, Peter Dominick. He also designed Disney’s California Adventure. 
      The next two we will look at are the Beach Club and the Boardwalk. Unlike the rustic themes of the Wilderness Lodge and Animal Kingdom Lodge, the Boardwalk and Beach Club are designed after seaside towns of the east coast. The Beach Club being a Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts theme and the Boardwalk being an Atlantic City New Jersey theme. Both resorts have relaxing lobbies that have light colors and reflect their theming with the Boardwalk having models of attractions found on the New Jersey shore and elegant furniture in the lobby. The Beach Club also has an elegant lobby with nautical pictures and artifacts adoring the walls. Both lobbies are more intimate and closed in than that of the Wilderness Lodge and Animal Kingdom Lodge. They both carry their seaside theming throughout the resort with many pictures beach going families or ocean scenes. Both resorts also celebrate family fun, with the Beach Club focusing on family time at the beach, hence the name and the Boardwalk has a carnival style theming with family games and “side” shows on the Boardwalk. Although this similarity has nothing to do with design, the location of these two resorts is a bonus with them being right next to Epcot. As with the other two resorts, the Beach Club and Boardwalk have the same Architect, Robert A.M. Stern.
     The Boardwalk was the resort that convinced my wife and I to purchase our first DVC membership. We said we would never stay at the Beach Club because it was a New England themed resort. Being from Massachusetts and having lived on Nantucket we didn’t feel the need for that theming on our vacation since we had it at home. However things changed for us when we couldn’t get into the Boardwalk one time. The Cast Member recommended the Beach Club to us, I reluctantly took it because we wanted to be close to Epcot. When we arrived, I was throughly impressed and it has become one of our favorites. 
     In the interest of not being to long winded we will stop there with our similar resorts. If you have read our blog before, you will know the love my family has for Kidani Village and my co-blogger’s family has for the Beach Club, but we can’t stay at our favorites all the time and need to branch out a little bit every once in a while. A change in resorts and getting out of your comfort zone every once in a while is not a bad thing, especially at Disney you may discover a new favorite even if it is similar to your usual resort. Let us know your thoughts, comment here, on Twitter @disneyhelp or Facebook at Disneyhelp.