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Time and time again, I have heard friends talk about going on a Disney vacation but thinking the only thing they serve is burgers and fries. My only thought is they have a very limited pallet or they are not looking at all the options. I understand what they mean about the possibility of a week of burgers. Don’t get me wrong, I love my burgers and fries but sometimes I just seek different options. 
     With his in mind on a past trip, I challenged myself to have a burger and fries free trip. This self imposed challenge wasn’t because I’m a health nut, Quite the contrary, I always joke with my wife who tries to get me to eat more healthy that if something hasn’t died for my eating pleasure I don’t want it. For the most part I did pretty good I only caved once but it wasn’t from lack of options. I went with the burger at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant. I couldn’t refuse the Sci-Fi Angus burger topped with pulled pork, sriracha barbecue sauce, Swiss cheese and pickled apple slaw. Don’t judge me, it tasted great. 
     The rest of the trip I stayed on course though. We didn’t pick specific non burger places, I simply adjusted my eating habits and opened up to other foods. At table service restaurants it was easy to avoid the burgers (except for at the Sci-Fi), at quick service restaurants burgers were typically an option but not anymore. At the Magic Kingdom, you actually have to search to find a burger at a quick serve restaurant. With the refurbishment of Pecos Bill’s which was known for burgers you can only get a Southwest Burger and there is no burger option on the kids menu. In fact, there are no burger options for kids on any menu at quick service restaurants in the Magic Kingdom which use to be a staple on every menu. If your child does want a burger, you will have to go to the Plaza Restaurant (which I recommend anyway) for a table service meal, there is also a burger on the adult menu too. The only other place in the Magic Kingdom to get a burger on the menu is the Liberty Tree Tavern for lunch. The Liberty Tree Tavern is also a table service restaurant and if you are a history geek like me, you will love this place. 
     At Epcot, there are only four places to get a burger, but with all the other unique food options why do a burger. Kids and adults can find burgers at the Electric Umbrella in Future World. From there you will have to travel to World Showcase all the way over to the Liberty Inn at the American Pavilion (going clock wise) to find a burger for kids and adults. At the Tangerine Cafe in Morocco you can find a burger on the kids menu. The table service restaurant to get a burger is at the Rose and Crown in the UK Pavilion and there it is only on the adult menu. 
     While at Hollywood Studios, you will have to search for a burger here too if you want one. The ABC Commissary which is counter service, serves burgers for adults and children. Whereas the Sci-Fi Dine-In right next to it only serves the aforementioned Sci-Fi Angus Burger on the adult menu. The Backlot Express and Rosie’s All American Cafe ( both counter service) and the Hollywood Brown Derby (lunch only) serve burgers for adults on the menu. 
     Restaurantosaurus at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the only in park place to find a burger whether you are an adult or kid. However right outside the park at the Rainforest Cafe, adults can get a burger. 
     The next time you have a discussion with someone about there being only burgers and fries at Disney World, tell them to think again they are becoming far and few between. This has become a new development for Disney dining where burgers were the main menu item but now have been replaced with healthier items especially for kids. However, there is always a deep fried something around to eat if you want it. Consider this we have only looked at the theme parks, not the resort’s, Disney Springs or the Water Parks and out of 100 places to eat (yes I counted) there were 12 places for adults to get a burger and 6 places for kids. 
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