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Today we have decided to explore a few Disney myths. For some there are facts to prove or disprove others may be just Disney lore. You have to decide for yourself what story you wish to believe.
The Partner’s Statue

There are a few stories out there as to the back story of the Partner’s Statute in the hub area of the Magic Kingdom. I’m sure if you are reading this blog that you are aware of the statue. This is the one of Walt Disney standing next to Mickey Mouse and pointing towards Main Street USA. There are a few theories as to what Walt is pointing at however none give a better explanation than Jim Korkis author of the Vault of Walt series (which I highly recommend). Although not true, my favorite story is that Walt is talking to Mickey explaining to him that I have taken you as far as I can. It is now your turn to build upon the dream of Disney World. The true story according to Korkis who is a noted Disney historian, is that Walt and Mickey are in fact talking with one another. Walt is pointing out to the crowd speaking to Mickey telling him to look at all the happy people who have come to the park. The story by Korkis can be found in his Vault of Walt volume 2.
Red sidewalks along Main Street USA.

The color of the sidewalks may not seem like a big deal whether they be red, gray or even blue. However, this is Disney, there is a reason for all details. Here are the explanations I have heard as to why the sidewalks are red. According to the Magic Kingdom Imagineering Field Guide book, the sidewalks are red because it makes other colors stand out more. Being that red and green are on opposite ends of the color spectrum they make each other look brighter. However when my wife and I took the Keys to the Kingdom tour at the Magic Kingdom our tour guide explained things a bit different. He said that the reason the sidewalks are a different color is for contrast and safety. Color for safety?? He explained that on Main Street guests have just walked into the Magic Kingdom and many of them are looking down at the park maps they have just picked up. Because of this they may not notice a step up at a sidewalk if everything was the same color but they may notice the step up to the sidewalk if they were different colors.
George at Pirates of the Caribbean

Here is the story about George. During the construction of Pirates of the Caribbean a construction work named George had been working on the attraction. While at work one day George had died in an accident at the job site and haunts the attraction to this day. To keep George’s ghost from reeking havoc on the attraction Cast Members must greet George every morning by saying hello to him. Then before leaving every night they must say good night to him. If they fail to greet him or say bye, the attraction will experience many break downs the next day. Now that you know the story, is it true? Historically there were no recorded deaths during the construction of Pirates especially anyone named George. But it will make you think the next time the attraction breaks down when you are on it.
The Brides ring at the Haunted Mansion

While in the queue area look out for Constance the Bride’s ring. The story started from previous Mansion guests. It was said that the bride from the Haunted Mansion being so distraught by the death of her husband threw her wedding ring from the window and it became imbedded in the ground. Or, since in the Haunted Mansion story line, she would kill her husbands to take their fortunes, did she throw the ring out of the window being free of another husband. The explanation of the object that looks like a ring from Disney is a little different. The metal circle, which is a pipe embedded in the ground is from a pole that was screwed into it. The pole if there would be for the queue. You have seen them in other attractions they go in and out of the ground to make the queue longer or shorter as needed depending on the crowds. With both of these stories swirling around Disney embraced the story of the bride’s ring being embedded in the ground and plays along with it now.
The second sister

This can be found at Walt Disney’s Carrousel of Progress. In the show we are introduced to the family, John the father (who is the narrator), Sarah the mother, Patricia, Jimmy, Uncle Orville and the grandparents. However in the first scene we see another daughter helping with the laundry. That is the only scene you see this girl in and she is never explained in the story. There are a few possibilities of her disappearance. In the era our story begins, families were larger and fatal illnesses were more rampant. Had she fallen fatally ill and died in the story line? Or, with many rewrites and changes to the story was she not taken out of the scene by accident and has now become an inside joke. Whichever reason for this extra girl is unclear, but next time you go on the attraction (and you should) keep an eye out for her.
With so many Disney myths out there we thought we would hit the most prevalent. For more wild Disney stories, look into Jim Korkis’ books. Also if you want to peak behind the curtain of a few darker Disney secrets, check out Realityland by David Koenig. What Disney myths have you heard, share them here, on Facebook at Disney Help or on Twitter @disneyhelp.