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A daunting decision for any parent of young kids who frequents Walt Disney World is taking a stroller or not. My wife and I struggled with this decision over the last few trips. There are a lot of factors for us to figure in so its not only if we need a stroller or do we need two. We have four children with ages spanning from 10 to 5. Obviously our 10 year old and our 8 year old don’t need it. However, our 5 year old and our son that just turned 7 may or may not need to use it.
We drive and decided to take one stroller to save space. We also thought the boys could switch on and off if needed. For the first day of the trip we planned not to use the stroller at all and left it at the resort. Since the boys did so well we skipped it the next day as well. In our plans we did a full day at Epcot and figured we would need it. Since we had got use to it not having a stroller it almost seemed a little cumbersome having to return and get it after going to attractions and shows. Although we did use it a some points and used it as it got later before Illuminations, overall we decided that we could have given our youngest a piggyback ride and we would have been fine. After rarely using the stroller this trip, we have decided to ditch the stroller for future trips.
That being said I think it goes back to preparing for our vacation. As we talked about in a previous post “Training for your Disney vacation”, we would walk everyday to prepare the kids for the trip. This was important considering we walked about 11 miles a day (according to my Fitbit) on average. My wife and I thought this was pretty impressive for a 5 year old (we were proud of the others too).
If like us and you decide to ditch the stroller for your next trip but end up needing one you can rent one. Rentals at the parks are, $15.00 for a single or $31.00 for a double stroller per day. They also sell them for about $50.00. The down side is you have to return them before you leave the parks each day. Another option would be to rent one for the week from an off Disney property rental location.
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