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    Those of you who follow us know that my family and I love Kidani Village at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Other than being a very peaceful place to see some exotic animals, there is a lot going on at Animal Kingdom Lodge. There are many tours and activities offered and most of them are free. Today we are going to talk about bead activities. Firstly, what’s a bead activity? Between Jambo House and Kidani Village there are nine bead activities. These activities are geared to kids (adults can participate too) and for each one completed you are given a type of bead based on what you have done. You most likely will not be able to finish all bead activities in one day, however that is part of the adventure. There is no specific order you have to complete all activities in, but when you complete your first activity you are given a bead accompanied by a long string to put other beads gathered. Now that you know what the general idea is let’s explore the activities. In case you are really ambitious and want to do it all in one day, we will go through them by order through the day which will include a lot of jumping between Jambo House and Kidani Village.
     The first activity of the day happens at Jambo House at 9am by the Uzima Flamingo Pond for the Flamingo activity. Here you will learn about what flamingos and Pelicans eat and how they eat. You will also play a game pretending to eat like Pelicans to understand their process. When you are finished with the activity you will have earned your bead, a flamingo of course. 
     Next, over at Kidani from 9:30am to11am at the Pembe Overlook you can participate in African Wonders. In this activity you will learn about the extraordinary wonders of Africa. Some of the information my get a little lost on kids, but as an adult it is very interesting. The game played involves clues about countries in Africa that corresponds with pictures of an African wonder from that country. The kids then guess which country it is with a little help from the Cultural Representatives on hand. Once all matches are made, you have earned your bead which is in the shape of Africa. 
     Jumping back to Jambo House Animal Tracking is up next from 10am to 11am at Arusha Rock. At this activity you will learn how to track animals like they do in the wild and get to use the same equipment. After learning how the equipment works a Cultural Representative hides a plush Simba complete with radio transmitter. Once hidden, participants will use a radio tracker to find Simba. After successfully locating Simba you have earned your tracking bead which is a pair of binoculars. 
     The next activity can be done at either Jambo House or Kidani, unlike the other activities it’s not done everyday at the resort. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the Uzima Overlook at Jambo House and Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at the Kidani Lobby you can participate in Animal Enrichment. The program begins at 11:30am each time it’s offered. This was one of my kids’ favorite activities. After learning what the Giraffes like to eat, you are given a plastic box with holes in it. Your job is to fill this box with foods the Giraffes think are treats such as sweet potatoes. When your box is full of Giraffe food, it is picked up by one of the animal nutritionist at the resort and will be placed in the savanna later in the day. For completing this activity you are given a Giraffe bead. 
     At 2pm at Uzima Pool Deck, Jambo House is wildlife games. Unfortunately I cannot tell you anything about this activity since it was the only one we missed. 
     We did catch Have you heard at Kidani’s Samawati Springs Pool Deck at 2:30pm. In this game, you had to match pictures of animals with the sounds you heard. It sounds simple, but some were a little tricky. After completing this activity you earned a lion bead. 
     Another one of the kids’ favorite was Music of the Savanna at the Sunset Lounge in Jambo House at 5:15pm. Here you play African instruments which symbolized animals, rain and trees while learning how they all effect each other in nature. This was a loud activity that attracted a lot of attention from people in the lobby. Once completed you have earned your bead, an African drum.
     Finally we have come to the last activity Bio Blocks located at Pembe Overlook at Kidani which takes place at 5:30-6:15pm. With this Jenga style game kids learn what happens if your eco system is unbalanced and everything topples over. The bead for this activity is a little rectangular block. 
     After you have completed all activities, you have earned the final bead which has a Mickey head on it. Although we didn’t participate in Wildlife Games we were still given our Mickey bead of completion. As long as you have a majority of the the activities done they will give you the Mickey bead so if you have one that you missed don’t worry too much they will help you out. In addition to getting the beads participants will learn a lot about Africa and be able to interact with African Cultural Representatives. By doing these games, it encouraged my kids to ask questions to the representatives next time they saw them around the resort. 
     I hope this encourages you to participate in these activities next time you are at Animal Kingdom Lodge they were well worth the effort. Please leave a comment here, on Twitter @disneyhelp or on Facebook at Disney Help.