We all know one of the great pleasures of Walt Disney World is the ability to sit outside while enjoying a snack food or drink. What we all may not know is that WDW is a great place to expand that to a full picnic lunch with the family.

Walt Disney World gate policy allows guests to bring in food and drink (no glass and no alcohol) inside soft coolers.  A family can pack a lunch from their resort to be consumed whenever hunger strikes while journeying through the parks.  While we will be the first to confirm that all of the WDW eateries are fantastic, there are both savings in time and money when packing a picnic lunch.

Inside each park there are usually multiple spots, some shaded.. some not, where the entire family can enjoy sitting down to have a quick meal.  In our last trip we discovered a few more…which we can go through park by park.

Beginning with the Magic Kingdom, our first picnic area is right in Fantasyland. When Disney built the very elaborate Tangled rest area (restrooms and charging stations)..they also installed roughly a dozen small picnic tables just a few yards away towards the entrance to Peter Pan’s Flight. This spot has the benefit of being right inside Fantasyland with a view of the attractions as well as a short walk to Liberty Square to move on through the park. Moving along, there is another nice spot where Frontierland and Adventureland meet, across from Carribean Plaza. Tucked into the side of the buildings, there are quite a few covered tables with room for a large group to spread out and relax.

As we move to Epcot, we would recommend heading over towards the Mexico pavilion. Over here outside the Cantina and Hacienda de San angel are more than a few tables overlooking World Showcase lagoon. Of all of the picnic areas, this may be the mos crowded yet may have the best view. The second spot would be back into the piazza of the Italy pavilion. There are several tables within feet of the beautiful fountain.

Down the river at Disney’s Hollywood Studios there are a few areas once you pass the end of Hollywood boulevard. The set of tables outside Minn and Bills dockside diner have umbrellas for most groups..all within shouting distance of any show on the main stage.  There are also several tables down Sunset boulevard across from the amphitheater for Beauty and the Beast stage show with a definite picnic atmosphere.

Finally.. perhaps the most impressive picnic area exists at the Animal Kingdom. Heading over to Discovery Island towards the Flame Tree Barbecue we were able to discover not one set of covered tables to picnic at..but four different covered areas ..one leading to the next..continuing down to right along the river areas inside the park. It was actually quite remarkable the way these large groups of tables seemingly never ended.  This spot offers great choices and shade inside what is typically a hot park experience. It can meet the needs of small or large groups with room to spare.

The areas listed here are but a few of the quality spots that a family can enjoy a picnic lunch whenever they choose with a feel of Walt Disney World all around them.