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Every young and maybe not so young Disney parks fan dreams of eating in Cinderella’s Castle. The idea of having a meal in the Magic Kingdom’s park icon and meeting the Disney Princesses almost seems like a must do at least once in your life. The experience is like none other as you enter the Castle it is decorated in royal colors of blue, purple and red complete with suits of armor and family crests of the inhabitants. Here is where you meet Cinderella if you are going to breakfast, there are Disney photographers on hand with their camera and are willing to take a picture with your camera too. After your photo session you ascend the stairs to the Royal Dinning Hall where you are shown to your seats and introduced to your servers who refer to the adults as Lords or Ladies and the children in true Disney form as prince and princess. Each child is given a “wishing star” that they will use during the meal as part of the story and princes are given swords and princesses are given wands. Although the dining hall is decorated very well we prefer to sit near the windows, it gives a unique view of Fantasyland. 
     Now that you have been given an overview of the set up, here is the nitty gritty of the review. First, we have never been to lunch at Cinderella’s Royal Table, we have been there for dinner a few times but not recently. Breakfast however we have done a few times so these opinions will be based on the breakfast, so here it goes. In the past we have used this meal as a brunch and make an advanced dining reservation as late as possible. This time however we got the earliest seating (8:05am) and the park had a 9:00am opening. We were able to get into the Magic Kingdom at about 7:30-7:40. This gave us plenty of time to enjoy a virtually empty Main Street and take advantage of some great photo ops in front of the the Castle and with the Partners Statue. When we arrived at the castle check in went as normal and we had our pictures taken with Cinderella, this is where the first disappointment occurred. Previously photos came with your price of the meal and you were given so many pictures based on how many people were in your group, the change was that you no longer get pictures with the price of the meal and the photos taken are linked to Memory Maker. This threw us a little since I had only taken pictures with my phone instead of our camera because we expected pictures with the meal and we did not have Memory Maker this trip. When we were seated, our pastry appetizer came out right away and we ordered our drinks. After reading the limited menu we ordered. I got the steak and eggs, my wife got the Carmel Apple French toast. Our kids all got the traditional breakfast (eggs, sausage and bacon). My oldest daughter 10 years old was given the option to order off the children’s menu or the adult menu although we paid the adult price and she ordered the kids traditional breakfast. Our food came out very quickly, my wife was not overly thrilled with her breakfast although she has really enjoyed the Carmel Apple French toast in the past. My meal was good however the portion was small. I thought, no problem it’s all you care to eat. When I asked our server for an additional breakfast option she told me that it was not all you care to eat anymore, however she was able to get me another serving. There were four princesses that day, Snow White, Aurora, Ariel and Jasmine they were great with the kids as usual however they were very quick visits to the table. We left the restaurant at 9am, my wife felt like we were rushed out so they could get the next wave of people in. 
     After the meal my wife and I discussed if we would ever do this again. We both agreed that we would do it again but it wouldn’t be anytime soon and it would have to be a special occasion. Since this was on our wedding anniversary and we did get engaged at Cinderella’s Castle at dinner many years ago this was a special occasion. However, the meal with our Tables in Wonderland card was $237.00. I know with a meal like this you are paying more for the experience than the meal but with the changes of the meal no longer being all you care to eat, no pictures included with the package it made it a little tough to swallow at the end of the meal and the value was not there. The princesses we saw we could have seen out in the parks without having to book the meal. That being said this is something everyone should do at least once in their Disney parks lifetime it is a great experience. 
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