When it’s time to plan your vacation, do you like to try something new or do you feel more comfortable heading back where you know you are comfortable?

In the world that is the Disney parks vacation kingdom, there are always plenty of choices to spruce up your trip.
One of the biggest choices you will make is selecting your Walt Disney World resort accommodations. There will always be an opportunity to try a new hotel and all of the experiences that it brings with it. At the same time many Disney families are happy to start their trip by checking into one of their favorites. Many of us have heard those words as we pulled into the parking lot, “welcome home” ..feeling that security that this trip was going to be wonderful.

For our family this place is Disney’s Beach Club. As Disney Vacation Club members we attempt to book a two bedroom villa here and bring along some member of the extended family to enjoy the annual summer vacation with us. (On this trip we had both first-timers …as well as members of our family that had not been to Walt Disney World in years.) We believe that everyone who stays with us at the Beach Club experiences not only the wonderful adventure of the parks ..but the relaxed nature of a summer resort nearby to the entrance of world showcase.. and a short walk from Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We also believe this resort is more than the amenities of the Yacht and Beach club that are provided to you, but extends out to Disney’s Boardwalk and the restaurants of the Swan and Dolphin…. it’s something we always tell our guests as they  enter for the first time on the trip. The massive layout of the resort proper and its neighbors will lead to both a guaranteed need to explore and an ability to slowly take in all that is around you each afternoon and evening.

For us one of the extra benefits from the resort is is the lack of a need to put aside an entire morning dedicated to touring Epcot. We have in the past used the time window between late morning arrival and checking in as an opportunity to schedule a day of FastPass attractions for this park. Epcot becomes more of a place that we pop in and out of throughout our trip than a strategically planned park day. All of these are benefits that we have become accustomed to and feel very natural as part of our annual trip to Walt Disney World.

Beyond the ability to explore into Epcot there are several perks of this resort that our family just embraces at the moment of arrival. After we park, we hop out of the car and walk past one of our favorite Disney landmarks, a statue of Ariel, the little mermaid,  that resides on the path to the main lobby. Each year our children take a photo with the statue that has helped create a memorable series of childhood progression. The Ariel statue is not a character icon for us, yet a measuring stick similar to any wall in your house that you may have marked up to track the children’s height.
One of the other rituals of our trip is the visit to Beaches and cream to get that first milkshake. (my family will usually ring up a tab at this dessert take out counter over five days that rivals the hurricane hanna’s pool bar bill of most groups.) This authentic beach club location is usually one that groups will make a specific trip to enjoy yet for us it feels like the neighborhood ice cream stand.

Finally, the nightly fireworks at both Epcot and the Disney studios can be experienced without traveling to either park from either our balcony or the nearby bridges by the resort.  Watching the night sky light up in the comfort of your room or resort is yet another benefit that cannot be understated.
As we lay out all of these accustomed favorites, I hope you can see how Disney’s Beach club itself feels like a home base in any vacation.