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If you have been reading enough Walt Disney World news in the past few months, you may have noticed the most common thread has been construction. Considering that the parks were always meant to be constantly evolving this should not be a surprise. However with each new attraction, comes the removal of something old. 

This brings us to today’s topic…how do you handle the news when it is time to shake things up again.  We are going to take a look at a few attractions that may have numbered days left in their current location. However instead of discussing the possible replacement (leave that for the imagineers)..we will look to see if the attraction could find a new home in another area or another park inside Walt Disney World.

The first group we will look at currently reside in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Specifically, Walt Disney’s “one mans dream” and muppetvision 3d. One Man’s Dream is a tribute to the work of Walt himself, however in an area of the park that will house new attractions it will need a new home. Since it’s spirit relies in innovention of a great dreamer, this blog will propose that it would fit nicely in Innoventions east in Epcot, alongside Epcot Character spot..which has characters highlighted in the exhibits. 

As for Muppetvision, the show may need a slight addition, but would fit nicely tapping into the imaginations of its muppet scientists ..moving into the Journey into the imagination theater (now housing Captain EO). This would bring the use characters in Epcot, but those that appeal as much to adults as they do children. 

Both attractions would blend in the spirit of their new homes and give a nice lift to Future World attractions.
Where would you relocate these two if you wanted to see them for years to come?

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