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     If you are sick of Frozen, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is not the place for you. This year’s Frozen Summer is in full force with a full parade, the singalong, Olaf’s Summer Cool Down, dance party, Frozen Fever short film and last but certainly not least is the Frozen fireworks. Here is a review of what we experienced. 
     The Frozen Royal Welcome parade was a fun experience that runs twice a day. Here is a chance to see characters from the movie. In addition to the characters you know, there is music from the movie (of course), flag twirlers, floats and dancers. I thought the parade dancers were one of the highlights. They were on inline skates that they designed to look ice skates and skis. They didn’t do any tricks but it was a smart use of the skates to simulate the skating and skiing effect as if they were on snow and ice. Another highlight to the parade was the arrival of Elsa and Anna in their carriage. If you don’t have a fast pass to see them at the Magic Kingdom this is a great chance to get photos of them as they go by. With the arrival of Elsa along the parade route, it magically “snows” and concludes with the song “Let it go”. This is not a long parade but is worth watching it especially if you have little Frozen fans. 
      The Frozen singalong has moved to a new location this year, it is now in the former location of the American Idol Experience. This is a bigger venue from last year which is greatly needed. Minus the hundreds of loudly singing kids this is a good experience for adults too. The Arendelle Historians (MCs of the singalong) are funny and spot on with their jokes about current events. The kids love this show where they can see Kristoff, Anna and Elsa, albeit not close up, and belt out their favorite songs from the movie. This is a great experience that should not be missed if you have Frozen fans and the Arendelle Historians make it fun and bearable for adults. 
     Olaf’s Summer Cool Down was something we didn’t plan on but we were in the area when one of the show’s was starting so we stayed. This was another opportunity for people to sing clips of their favorite Frozen songs. Olaf is the only character from the movie at this show, he is very animated moving around the stage and (spoiler) moves his mouth and blinks when he speaks. There are large screens to assist in the presentation showing movie clips and has the words to the songs just like the singalong. My kids really enjoyed this show with the singing and dancing and to end it Olaf shares his snow cloud which goes into the crowd and snow falls. It was a fun show but I would not plan my day around making it. 
     The Frozen Fever short film was something we stubbled upon. We had twenty minutes before our kids had to sign in for Jedi Training Academy and we’re waiting outside of the check in. Right next to it was the entrance to the Frozen Fever film. The show was about to start when we walked in. It was a cute show and worth a look if you have time but it is not something to rearrange your plans for. I don’t want to go into the story since not many people have seen it but it is based on Elsa, who has a fever, is planning a birthday party for Anna. Things go awry but has a happy ending in perfect Disney fashion. Another component to this show is the writers and composers talk about the short film before it starts and it gives a background of the inspiration for the short film. For adults it added an interesting bonus. However, it probably went over the kids heads. 
     We did not see the DJ Dance party and we did not see the Frozen Fireworks from within the park. That being said, we did see the Frozen fireworks from the parking lot of Epcot. Even seeing this display from a distance it looked incredible. It was a good length show and after we watched what we thought was the finale we started to drive back to the resort. However as soon as we started our drive the finale began, it was unbelievable. This is a show that we will definitely see when we return to the world later in the summer. 
      All in all there were a lot of great Frozen experiences at Hollywood Studios. So if you are sick of your kid’s Frozen fever, you are just going to have to “Let it go” for a little bit longer and enjoy it with them. Please leave us a comment, follow us on Twitter @disneyhelp and like us on Facebook at disneyhelp.