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     In light of a recent trip to the Boardwalk it’s time for a review. My family has stayed here a few times and love it. This was the resort that convinced us to purchase our first DVC membership. It has great beachside resort theming reminiscent of a New Jersey Boardwalk from years gone by. The main entrance draws you in with a chandelier of carrousel horses. To the left is the main lobby which is large and inviting with its plush furniture and relaxing atmosphere. There are many decorations to look at in the lobby but most notably the model roller coaster which is a big draw for kids. Throughout the halls are beach themed paintings and pictures. The carpeted floors light colored walls gives a very home like feel which is very inviting after a long day. The rooms are themed in line with the rest of the resort, they are comfortable and spacious. I found them relaxing, however the excitement of the Boardwalk constantly beckons you to go out and explore. 
     On the exterior in what’s considered the back side of the resort sits the resort’s namesake, the Boardwalk. Here you will find carnival games, food stands, restaurants, shops, surrey bike rentals and live entertainment. The carnival games are just like the ones you will find anywhere with the same prizes, they are not Disney themed and it is pricy, especially with four kids. The good or bad part is that it’s typically not busy and it’s just your family playing. The food stands sell carnival/Boardwalk type foods, hot dogs, corn dogs, french fries ect. There is a wide variety of dinning to please your palate. If you are looking for pub style food or you are sports enthusiast head over to the ESPN Club. There isn’t any differences between this one and other ESPN Clubs you will find in other cities. However if you don’t have reservations this is a great option unless there is a big game going on. We did this twice last trip, it was pouring one evening and the kids were tired so we headed back to the resort but needed to eat. Our kids loved “Coach” Amanda our server and she made the end of a wet and tiring day great. Trattoria al Forno is a new to the Boardwalk’s line of restaurants featuring pizza and Italian inspired foods. Next on the list is the Flying Fish Cafe, which is only open for dinner and if name throws you off, it is a seafood restaurant however if you don’t like seafood there are other options. The Flying Fish Cafe is a must for my co-blogger on every trip. The last restaurant is the Big River Grille and Brewing Works. Years ago, this use to be a place to stop in for a beer or beer flight, grab an appetizer and move on, now however it has a full menu. If you like beer and food this is the place for you. There are two more places you can get food on the Boardwalk, the Boardwalk Bakery and Seashore Sweets, I highly recommend both. The bakery is excellent for breakfast or an afternoon snack the options seem limitless and it’s tough to decide. If you have a sweet tooth, Seashore Sweets is a must. My wife raves about the candied apples claiming they are the best she has ever had. There are a few shops on the Boardwalk, Wyland Art Gallery, Thimbles and Threads and the Screen Door General Store. The Screen Door General Store is your grocery and souvenir headquarters at the Boardwalk. It is a large store and great for those last minute gifts you have to grab. The Wyland Art Gallery is exactly as it sounds, an art gallery focusing on aquatic life. There are many very expensive paintings inside so if you have little ones that like to grab and touch, you may want to skip this one. Over at Thimbles and Threads you can purchase sweatshirts, pants, shorts or any number of clothing, it’s also a good place to find your plush toys as well. Live entertainment at the Boardwalk is in full swing during the evening. There are street performers such as jugglers, musicians, balancing acts, magicians, and we even saw a sword swallower once which was entertaining until our kids had the idea to try (nobody was hurt we just had to explain that they couldn’t do it). The night life continues at Jelly Rolls, a dueling piano bar with the pianist playing your requests. If you feel like dancing head over to the Atlantic Dance Hall which depending on the night can be quite busy. It is also a popular location for private parties or weddings. 
     A large draw for this resort is location, location, location, you are walking distance from Epcot and a little longer walk to Hollywood Studios. There is also boat service to both parks however, we have found that if there is no boat at the dock it is quicker to walk to Epcot going to the Studios if you have just missed the boat you may want to walk but it is a mile walk. 
     Although there is plenty to see and do at the Boardwalk don’t be afraid to explore the nearby hotels, the Swan, Dolphin, Yacht and Beach Club. If you can score a reservation Beaches and Cream Ice Cream Parlor is worth a meal or a dessert. 
     I hope you have enjoyed our overview of the Boardwalk. Please leave a comment here, or on Facebook at disneyhelp or on Twitter @disneyhelp.