I wanted to start off by saying Thank You to our Veterans, which shouldn’t happen just on Memorial Day (today) but everyday. With this in mind I thought we would discuss how they are honored everyday at the Magic Kingdom. There is a special ceremony everyday at 5:00pm or 1700 hours for our Military people. Some of you may have seen it but for those of you who haven’t it’s the Flag Retreat. This has taken place everyday since opening day in town square in front of the train station on Main Street. Just before 5pm the Magic Kingdom philharmonic assemble near the train station. Cast Members line up creating a pathway from the train station to the flag pole in town square. Members of Disney security are present in their dress uniforms to act as facilitators for the event. The Dapper Dans are at the ready to sing Patriotic songs and lead the on lookers in the Pledge of Allegiance prior to the flag retreat. In addition to all of these Cast Members at the ceremony there is one more very special guest. A Veteran who is chosen from the park to assist with the ceremony. 
     The ceremony starts with the Philharmonic lining up in the train station, Main Street Cast Members make two lines creating a path from the train station to the flag pole in the center of town square. Our Veteran along with Disney security are standing at the entrance to the walkway leading to the flag pole. The Dapper Dans are near the flag pole and explain to the crowds what is taking place. After the instructions the Dapper Dans lead the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. When the pledge is over the philharmonic marches to the flag pole with Disney security and our Veteran guest following behind. The flag retreat is sounded by one of the musicians from the philharmonic. Upon finishing the retreat the band starts up with the Star Spangled Banner as the flag is lowered and folded by Disney security. The Veteran is presented the flag and announced with their rank, name and branch of service. The philharmonic continues to play and the Dapper Dans join in. The philharmonic then leads the group down Main Street ending on the side street half way down Main Street on the right. 
     Although this is a very sterile description of what takes place it is a very moving tribute to those who have sacrificed so much for our country. Next time you are at the Magic Kingdom, make an effort take part in honoring our service men and women. If you have ever participated in the ceremony please leave a comment here, on Facebook at Disneyhelp or on Twitter @disneyhelp. And once again to our Veterans thank you for your service.