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     We have all seen them. Buildings around the Disney parks that are not used and seem vacant. Today we are going to take a look at a few, what they were and possibilities for them.  

     Let’s start in the Magic Kingdom, specifically Adventureland. As you enter Adventureland from the hub you will see on your right the sight of the former Adventureland Veranda Restaurant. This restaurant has been closed since 1994 and was a quick service restaurant. However this spot will not remain vacant for long. There is another restaurant going in its place. At this time it is unsure if it will be a table service restaurant or quick service. I’m hoping a table service because I think the Magic Kingdom could use another. There are rumors floating about it being a Jungle Cruise themed restaurant with a dining style similar to Be Our Guest. Time will tell. 
     Over in Epcot there are a couple of empty buildings. The Wonders of Life pavilion near Mission Space and the Odyssey Restaurant located in between Test Track and World Showcase. The Wonders of Life Pavilion housed The Making of Me which was a show about the process of child birth from when the parents are adolescent to the actual birth and everything in between. You could also find Body Wars it was a Star Tours type attraction where you are shrunk down and enter the human body. The premise is that you enter the the body in your miniature ship where you observe a splinter in the body and how your body reacts when it happens. However things go wrong when you try to pick up a doctor who is already inside. The doctor is attacked by white blood cells and we are taken on a trip through the body and into the brain. You eventually retrieve the doctor and it all ends happily and safe. It grossed a lot of people out however as a kid I found it interesting and I miss it. Cranium Command was another highlight of the pavilion. Here you would sit in a theater and watch a movie through the eyes of a teenage boy. You also would see characters representing aspects of our emotions, similar to the up coming movie Inside Out. I am hoping the movie gives a reboot to the pavilion. There were also a few smaller shows which showcased research projects for human health and the prospect of a better tomorrow. The pavilion is currently used a few months out of the year as the head quarters for the Food and Wine Festival offering culinary displays and other tips and programs for guests. 
     The other building at Epcot that isn’t used as a regular attraction is the Odyssey Restaurant. This is located on the walkway between Test Track and World Showcase, next to the Baby Care Center and First Aid station. Currently the Odyssey Restaurant is used for private parties and other functions. There is no information on wether this location will become a restaurant again or remain as is for private parties. 
     Over at Hollywood Studios, the former American Idol building is for the most part vacant however this summer it will host the Frozen singalong. Before it was the American Idol Experience it was, Who Wants to be a Millionaire Play It. It is also rumored that it will be the permanent home of the Jedi Training Academy once Star Wars takes over that part of the park.
     Next to it is the ABC Sound Stage which has had many different attractions in it more recently Sounds Dangerous starting Drew Carrey. Currently it is being used for sign ups for the Jedi Training Academy and where kids go prior to the show. At this time I can only speculate that whatever does go in there it will be Star Wars themed. 
     I’m sure there are other buildings that are currently vacant that we have forgotten about, so if you know of one and remember what it was let us know. Comment below or follow us on Twitter @Disneyhelp or over on facebook.com/disneyhelp  thanks for following.