So you have bought into the “new” Disneyworld vacation. You have planned out all the must do and meals to allow for less concern there. You have a good idea about what you will do and see in between each of those. Then it happens..something you wanted to add to your trip months ago is suddenly available. Do you change your plans ..perhaps only adjusting them ever so slightly to accommodate? Or do you stay with what you have developed..only days away from the beginning of your trip?

Well..when the surprise is an open lunch reservation at the Be Our Guest Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom, you may have to think a bit harder….or just act before you can out-think yourself. This was the situation that happened to us just a week before we check in to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge (Villas).  When innocently checking the My Disney Experience app..just to see (as I have many times before) if a reservation for lunch on our arrival day would be available…consider my surprise when an available advance dining reservation was open.  I quickly accepted the reservation, confirming all pertinent information, and suddenly it was done. The opening day touring plan that had been set for 53 days was about to be rocked.

Why would anyone make a change that late? Well, let’s consider that our family has yet to see the inside of the new Beast castle only entrance to this restaurant enables that (or dedicating valuable attraction time to a mid-morning tour that has been available before the restaurant opened to three meals per day).  Our kids are big fans of the Beauty and the Beast story..also having their fondest princess greeting memories tied to their check meeting with Belle. Our oldest son is also a huge fan of new park attractions and design (my little imagineer) and has wondered about the unknown interior.  Lastly, opening day is usually our only counter service lunch during the trip (as we pack a lunch for the kids on other days….to save time even more than money). All of these factors pushed me instantly into the quick action. That action affected our original plan to the point of needing a change..however another recently announced change helped the new plan.

As we are going during Easter weekend, Walt Disney World will have extended hours and an extra show of the new Festival of Fantasy Parade in the Magic Kingdom. Originally we were going to try to squeeze three Fastpass and a standby attraction along with a quick counter service lunch between noon and 3p before watching the parade at a spot in Frontierland (towards its beginning). Instead our new goal will be to see it come to us as we enter the park in the town square area around 1230pm on Easter Saturday. We moved our original first attraction to the 315p time of the original parade. Sliding one other around, we were able to make time for the ADR in Magic Kingdom’s newest castle and it’s very popular restaurant.

It he end, plans are realigned….looking like they will be even better than the original…all thanks to that surprise opportunity.

(We will update this post again after our arrival to see if plans worked well.)