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     I have spoken before about how we like to introduce our kids to new foods. With our most recent trip this was no different however because we are evil parents we decided to make them eat some things that they didn’t want to. We will tour the proper way around World Showcase and share our experiences with what we made our kids eat. Our kids are fairly familiar with Mexican food, although they don’t much of it. However, this time we had them try Empanadas de Queso. Since these were not spice I wasn’t sure how they would react and I was figuring that at least one out of the four would like it. This was not the case, none of them liked it but not for the same reasons. For some it was the cheese, others it was the sauce on it, however for some reason, they all became enthusiastic about going to the next country to try a new food. My oldest liked the idea so much she wanted her picture taken every time she tried something new. In China we tried the pot stickers which went off fairly well but they have had similar ones back home. The real treat was the ginger ice cream, they all loved it. In Norway they tried the School Bread and a Lefse, both were very sweet. The Lefse is a potato flat bread rolled up with a sweet cinnamon butter. The School Bread was similar to a cream donut except much bigger with a toasted coconut topping. The Lefse was too sweet for my youngest daughter, however my older daughter gave it extra points for that and stopped eating the school bread to have more Lefse. All in all they were happy with the food in Norway. We didn’t eat again until we arrived in Morocco. Here we got the lamb and chicken plate and the Mediterranean Slider Combo. The lamb and chicken comes with a cream sauce, hummus and couscous. The slider combo consisted of three pita pockets: one with chicken, another with lamb and the third with falafel, it also came with sides of hummus and couscous. Here we had a fifty fifty spilt on liking them. I was shocked by my oldest who doesn’t like chicken or steak but loved the lamb and ate most of it. In France the food wasn’t exotic but the kids ate all of it. We ordered a Croque Monsieur which was a fancy toasted ham and cheese sandwich, it was good. We also ordered the Dinde BLT which had turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato and a garlic aioli sauce. The highlight for all of them was the baguette. Although it was good I think they just like saying baguette because all we heard the whole time we were eating it was “Marie, the baguettes” (a line from Beauty and the Beast). Although we didn’t buy anything, the snacks in Japan looked quite interesting. I’m not talking about the restaurants, I’m talking about the snacks in the back of the Mitsukoshi store. There were various selections of ocean life turned into chips like the squid chips or shrimp chips. There were many, many weird combinations of snacks and worth a look just to see what they have come up with. 

     These were just the foods we tried on this trip, but in the past the kids have tried others. To my disappointment they did not like sushi, but they did like the fish and chips in the UK. 
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