We all try to figure out how to save the most money while on a Disney World vacation, from resorts, passes, food and use of Annual Pass and DVC discounts. What if we looked at the other side? What is the most expensive day you can have at Disney World? Using the average of a family of four we will take a look at some of the more expensive offerings Disney World has to offer and cram them into one day. We will skip passes because they are fairly standard for price.

Let’s start with a resort. You would think that the most expensive room on property would be at the Grand Floridian. However, Animal Kingdom Lodge can boast having the most expensive room. The Royal Asante Suit. Per night this room ranges from $2,000 to $3,000 a night depending on low or high season. It’s 2100 square feet and has concierge access. Although there is a large kitchen there is no stove, but if you are spending up to $3,000 a night for a room you probably don’t need to worry about spending a little extra for dinner.

Let’s start our day with a nice healthy breakfast, this shouldn’t be too bad for cost. Since we are staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge, Boma sounds like a great place to eat. Here breakfast is “Disney Reasonable” at $23 for adult and $13 for children, total of $72 plus tip.

After breakfast participate in the Wild Africa Trek. This tour is three hours long and includes lunch on the Savannah. The cost is a mere $249 per person. However the tour is well worth the price. The total for our example family of four is $996.

After a tour like the Wild Africa Trek, you will need a VIP Tour Guide for the rest of your day to keep up. The tour guide will walk you through the park explaining some of the finer points, get your fast passes and dining reservations for you, this will only set you back a $315 per hour with a six hour minimum for up to ten people. That is a total of $1,890 for six hours.

After your tours you and your significant other will want to enjoy a romantic kid free evening. In keeping with our theme this can only be done at the Chef’s Table at Victoria and Albert’s. Here you will be treated to an elegant meal for only $200 per person, add the wine pairing for an additional $115 per person, which gives our dinner a total of $630.

However, since you will need a babysitter while you are out at dinner you will need to use the babysitting service. That will cost $15 per child per hour with a two hour minimum. So plan for four hours in this scenario. That would add $120.

To cap off our luxury day at Disney how about a private fireworks cruise aboard the Grand One Yacht. The Yacht can hold up to 18 people and includes a butler to tend to all your needs, the ship’s captain and crew for $553 per hour. Refreshments are an extra cost. (Assume one hour if there are no minimums to see the fireworks)

All in all this sounds like a pretty incredible day, however you just spent $7,261. These were just a few examples of luxury items you can participate in. A few other items you might be interested in are meals at Cinderella’s Royal Table, or you could even try the Richard Petty Driving Experience. If you are into Surfing try taking private lessons at Typhoon Lagoon. There are way too many possibilities of things to do in Disney World to list in one article, some even deserve their own article, so stay connected for more experiences.

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