Every time we hear about another change happening in Walt Disney World, I often deliberate how this will be perceived by those with or without children. Any decision on planning and experiencing a WDW vacation is often made based upon a travel party with kids or no kids….even more so the age of those kids. Early morning rise…late night out….character breakfast…chefs table for dinner…these are all dictated mostly by the stage of your family. With all of that said..One of Walt Disney World’s greatest attributes is its ability to be something magical to someone of each age, yet the magic will be interpreted and experience differently depending upon it….as will the opinion of any change to the original 70s, 80s, or 90s version of the parks.

That brings us to the most recent of announced changes to the park..and looking how we would we would (could/should?) react to each if we had young kids or no kids with us on our traveling party….so let’s examine a few from the past few years:

Disney’s Hollywood Studios announces it will remove the sorcerers hat in early 2015.
Those without young children: “thank you Disney, the hat never belonged in the path of the wonderful Chinese theater.”
Those With young children: “not sure how to explain to my kids how to walk towards Toy Story Mania”

Animal kingdom to build a new land based on Avatar.
Without: indifference of anything based on this concept.. Interest limited to potential nighttime potential added to the park.
With: something new to experience with kids..hopefully less scary than dinosaur.

Snow Whites Scary Adventure to close. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train to open.
Without: closing of a classic original attraction. New ride looks cool…rode it..seems short for a coaster..perhaps not really worth the wait compared to other major attractions.
With: old attraction was too dark for my children. New ride looks fun and seems great for kids…rode it…coaster was faster than it looked for kids..but they loved it compared to other coasters.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant to move to new Fantasyland.
Without: meh.
With: Game changer. After years of not wanting to wait in a 30-45 minute outdoor line, our kids can finally get on with a short wait after playing in the new circus tent.

Fastpass changing to Fastpass+.
Without: no need for a change. Original Fastpass system allows us to move around park expertly to experience more of our favorites.
With: no running to each attraction ahead of my family of 4-6 people…kids favorite experiences will be set as part of the trip with ability to add more experience as we want.

And of course…..Maelstrom to shut down, replaced by Frozen themed ride in the Norway pavilion.
Without: the very spirit of the original Epcot has died. One of the few rides in Epcot worth experiencing being removed unnecessarily for ride that does not belong in World Showcase.
With: The previous attraction was not one we would take the children on with its dark trolls and confusing nature. a new attraction is being built featuring characters that the kids love in an area without many attractions for them.

That is just a few and does not even begin to examine the speculation of a new fireworks show to replace illuminations…every closure in the studios to convert to more of a Hollywood adventure…..and anything else that we can fear or look forward to with excitement….depending on how each of us believe it impacts us…mostly if we currently have or do not have young kids.

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