As we get ready for 2015.,we are spending that quality time with our parents and families…the topic of Frozen comes up…and it seems eerily familiar to something they each experienced years ago.

It was 1955..little kids gathered to watch the Wonderful World of Disney TV show…Frontierland was the topic…but it was really only the beginning.
That fall, a character named Davey Crockett was introduced to the television audience. Meant to be the symbol of Frontieland, Crockett personified the spirt of American adventure. Every boy was soon enthralled…to the extent of having to ask their parents for a “coonskin cap”. The song “ballad of Davy Crockett” was #1 on the radio, while the nation was enamored with their frontier hero.

Sounds a bit familiar, eh? Kids enthralled with a new adventure..a character…a song. Parents being driven by a cultural frenzy…kids lining up to be like their hero. We have thought that Frozen was once in a lifetime phenomenon…when really it is just once in a generation. to you your parents…your aunts and uncles…see their childhood through their eyes…experience the Frozen phenomenon …50 years ago…how it should be appreciated.

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