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In the spirit of the political races held this past week, we thought we would get into the spirit, Disney style. Here is the set up, we have to pick an attraction and treat it like a political candidate. What assets does it have to offer, is it good for the economy, is it good for the environment and does it represent the people well. Based on this criteria make our political pitch to get “elected”on merit, not ride popularity. So here we go and let the best candidate win.

For my candidate I chose Kali River Rapids at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This attraction is well rounded and has a lot of great qualities. Let’s start at the the very beginning of this attraction, the queue entrance. This attraction has no secrets, it tells you right up front before you even enter the queue that you will get wet. Some people don’t like this about the attraction, but getting a little wet is well worth the experience. As you walk through the queue you are immersed in its message of preservation as you come across ancient artifacts. Representing the economic stability of this candidate is the flourishing travel company, Kali River Expeditions. As you walk though the travel company pay attention to the details. Once you are out of the travel agency, you will soon board your family friendly raft. When boarding your raft, friendly Castmembers greet you and show you to your seats. Since you get on and off the attraction at the same point there is no need for extra staffing so it is very economical. Here, kids as small as 38” can experience this thrilling attraction. Each raft can hold 12 people so the family can enjoy it together. This is truly a family bonding experience since you are not in a one or two person car like other attractions. On Kali River Rapids you can talk to and enjoy the company of your family and see who gets soaked. The message of this attraction/candidate is one of environmental awareness teaching about the dangers of deforestation and how we should focus on conservation. Overall, Kali River Rapids is the best choice deserving of your vote. It has a solid infrastructure with its travel agency, it is family friendly and has a strong message about conservation.

Following a well-rounded candidate like that will not be easy, however our second nomination is a time honored Disney classic. Steeped in that Disney tradition of storytelling, our next study brings forward a wealth of historical education, a vision of the world tomorrow, and of course, a vast experience in communication. To all who would consider, we are indeed talking about Epcot’s Spaceship Earth.

The history of our candidate began in 1982 when Spaceship Earth opened to help educate on the history and development of communication methods by humanity. The attraction recognized the contributions of civilizations around the world, displaying traits of equality and fairness. The exhibits that portray each important step in the development world wide communication in a way that all ages from older children to adults can relate and learn. The tour through history culminates in a vision of where a future of travel, commerce, and communications become an interactive experience to inspire us all. While your kids may not have understood every connection along the way, the teaching style in the interactive portion will definitely brighten their outlook.

When an attraction can bring together multiple cultures and generations to examine how where we came from can help our global future, it deserves the position of the attraction that most exemplifies what we would want in any elected candidate.

These are just two of many Walt Disney World attractions that bring forth multiple attributes and benefits. There are plenty more that can be nominated and experienced.

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