The first question on everybody’s mind when talking about Memory Maker is, “is it worth it”. There are a few things to consider when making the decision. The cost, how does it work, how long is your stay, how many pictures you will have taken and what if I only want to buy a couple of the pictures taken. We will take these one by one and then answer the, “is it worth it” question.

The cost, if you buy the Memory Maker at least 48 hours before your trip the cost is $169.00. If you buy it on arrival or during your trip it is $200.00. There is also an add on feature you can buy for $38.00 this includes boarders on pictures and scenic pictures around Disney World (Cinderella’s Castle, Spaceship Earth, ect.).

How does it work? While you are in the world it is simple. When you have your picture taken, have the photographer scan your Magic Band. Anyone that is linked to your My Disney Experience account can scan their band and it will be added to your Memory Maker, although only the primary person can download it. Some attractions like Test Track and Everest that have ride pictures will automatically put your picture on the band. With shows such as Storytime with Belle there is a photographer taking pictures during the whole performance. Since this is a show with a lot of guest participation, they do not scan your band for this one. Instead they give you a card with a code on it to add to your Magic Band which has all the pictures taken and not just your group. After you have enjoyed your vacation and collected many pictures, it’s time to download your photos. This part is fairly simple but can take a little bit of time. Included in the download will be all your pictures, a couple of short videos with your group and some character interaction. Even if you have downloaded the photos to your computer or other media, you will still get reminders from Disney telling you to download your pictures. If you don’t download them you can lose them.

Length of stay is also a factor in determining whether or not you want to make the investment. For us it was something we didn’t need to put a lot of thought into. We were on a nine day trip and (for us) had not been in a while. This was a no brainier and we knew we would make good use of it. Although we did enjoy having it, we will not use it on our next trip since it will be a shorter one and don’t feel it will be worth it for the time we are there, considering the cost. When deciding to have the Memory Maker, or not, remember that Disney photographers will also take a picture with your camera at no charge, so everyone can be in the picture.

I will put the last two questions together since the answers will be similar. On our trip we ended up having about 290 pictures on our Memory Maker .We could have had many more but we didn’t ask every photographer we saw to take our picture. This put the cost to have each picture at about $.50 since we bought the package before we left (price of Memory Maker at the time was $149.00 preorder). With the price, if you know you are going to buy ten or more pictures before you leave, it would be a good investment for you being that if you bought the pictures individually its about $15.00 per printed picture.

So, is it worth it? We got a lot of great pictures out of the Memory Maker and some cute videos of the kids, on a longer stay so this trip it was worth it. As I said before, on our next trip we don’t think it would be because of the length of our trip. Another plus on the Memory Maker is if you are going with a group that is more than just the people that live in your house you can split the cost of the Memory Maker and make copies for everyone. My wife and I talked about it after our trip and came to the same conclusion, they should have a Memory Maker for DVC members and annual passholders with an annual price (provided that it wasn’t outrageous) it would be worth it.

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