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There seems to be a new trend spreading across Disney World, and it’s not a good one. People seem to be a little more self centered and inconsiderate. As a whole there are still a lot of nice people in Disney World, but it seems the number of rude people is growing. On our recent trip we noticed this a lot more than in the past.

For example, we had a couple of bus rides that were worth mentioning. One morning my family and I were on a bus to go to the Magic Kingdom and the bus was packed being that everyone wanted to be there for opening. Having four young kids of my own, I promptly gave my seat to a little girl about five years old. After she sat down her mother told her to give the seat to her brother, who was sixteen or seventeen years old. The mother must have seen the look of shock on my face because she looked at me and said, “he is tired”. The boy slept soundly all the way to the Magic Kingdom (if you read our last few articles, you can see why this irritated me just a little more than usual). Another bus incident happened on our way back to the hotel at about 8:00pm. Our kids were tired, so we knew we couldn’t stay for the 8:30pm Fantasmic show, no big deal we’ve seen it, we will be back again. The bus was again full, chalk this up to bad parenting if you will, but one of my kids was falling asleep standing up. Sitting behind her was a man in his twenties playing on his phone attempting to ignore my daughter and other people on the bus who were making comments about how some people have no manners or common curtesy. We made it back to the hotel just fine but I couldn’t help think that Disney guests are changing.

Another memorable part of the trip was watching the afternoon parade. We had a curb side spot in Town Square to watch from and it was great, until a group of college girls stood next to us. The girls kept standing in the street in between parade floats and taking pictures and blocking other people’s views. This continued until a Castmember repeatedly told them to stop and they moved on. Soon after a family walked right through the parade when a Castmember spoke to them about it the mother began to scream at him as if it was his fault. During the same parade a thirteen year (ish) old boy walked in front of my kids to video the parade. Since he was now standing in the street, the same Castmember that spoke to the college girls spoke to him, which my kids were thankful for. As soon as the Castmember had walked away the boy was out there again, this time I said something to his parents and they told him to stand beside my kids.

Then there are the people you see throughout the parks that are just plain annoying. There is the I don’t understand English people (large foreign tour groups) and ignore all the rules. The arrogant people “nobody matters but me”. The “line pusher”, the one who stands so close to you if forces you to move forward. The Disney “purists” who hate change and complain about what has been taken away. Disney Vacation Club members and Annual Passholders who act like everyone should move out of their way and tell people at every chance they are members and passholders. Or one of my personal favorites for parents/grandparents ect. “I paid for this, you are going to enjoy it”.

During these times our kids will sometimes ask questions as to why are people so mean and why did they do that. My wife and I try to explain to them in a simple way that some people are able to visit Disney World only once in their life (at which point we get a quizzical look from them) and they sometimes push or stand in people’s way to watch things because they will never see them again and they (our kids) are lucky and will be able to see it again.

I will stop my ranting now and leave on a positive note. These are just a few incidents you may see in your trip, so don’t let small incidents ruin a larger picture of a great vacation and remember to be nice to your fellow guests.

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