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To recap on last week’s article, it had been two years since our last visit to the World due to me recovering from a motorcycle accident (and still am). We stayed in a two bedroom at Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village. On the trip were, my wife, our four kids, my mother and I for nine days. This trip was full of new experiences, my two boys ages 6 and 4 were tall enough to start doing big kid attractions so we could do everything as a family.

On this part of the trip we started to hit some attractions a second or even a third time so instead of going day by day I will hit the highlights of the trip with regards to attractions and meals. We went to Animal Kingdom again hitting some attractions we skipped earlier in the trip. My youngest son got to experience Kali River Rapids for the first time, although he kept insisting he could not go on because he didn’t have his bathing suit on. After repeatedly telling him it was ok, we got on, as with other new experiences he loved it. Our group had our own raft and I was in that lucky seat that gets you soaked to the bone, it was a great time and the kids loved seeing the wave of water come over me. My wife and mother had fast passes for Everest, so I took the kids to the Boneyard so they could have some free time and run around and I could sit for a little bit. We also went on Kilamanjaro Safari, as I said I’m still recovering from an accident and this is an attraction I should have skipped, but I along with my wife and doctor had a rule: if it hurt once don’t do it twice. At this stage in my recovery, I wasn’t going to cause any damage to myself, but things might have been painful, which they were. Even with the pain, it was still a good experience, so enough whining and let’s get on to more fun. We hit one of our regular quick service meals for lunch, Pizzafari. This is a draw for us for a few reasons, it’s inside with air conditioning, the kids eat the food and it takes Tables in Wonderland. It was an average meal until a Castmember came over to us and gave each of the kids a chocolate chip cookie for being well behaved, they were thrilled.

Another first for the kids was Spending a day at Blizzard Beach water park. My girls ages 9 and 7 had been there before but were infants so this was their first visit where they could go on the water slides. Prior to our trip we told them we were going to Blizzard Beach, at which point my 7 year old asked if she could do Summit Plummet and we said no, it’s too big for her and she would be scared. When the day came to go, the kids loved it. Even my 6 year old son who is afraid of heights had no problem with the slides, however we did skip the three highest (other than the family raft ride) and he didn’t make the height requirement anyway. They really enjoyed the day with the slides and Meltaway Bay. Another big highlight for them was the kids area, specifically the zip line where they splash down into the water. None of them enjoyed it more than my 7 year old who was still insisting to go on Summit Plummet (and again we said no).

The next day we went to Akershus for breakfast. We had been there before, however when I booked it I was expecting Elsa and Anna to be part of it by the time we went, I was wrong. When it became apparent that I wasn’t going to be right, my wife and I discussed canceling the meal but she insisted we keep it since we didn’t do a meal at Cinderella’s Royal Table. We had a great time and got to see princesses that we had not seen all week which added a few more signatures to our table cloth that the characters were signing.

On our last day we experienced a couple new restaurants. For lunch we went to Be Our Guest. We had got an email inviting us to use the fast pass option for this lunch, however I had trouble doing this from home and had to wait until we arrived on our vacation to make the reservation and preorder our meal. My hopes were not high of getting the fast pass for it but I went to Town Hall (guest relations) at the Magic Kingdom and they were able to get it for us on the last day of our trip. When we arrived, we checked in at entrance to the bridge leading to Beast’s Castle. Once inside the castle we sat ourselves in the “Princess room”. In this room, the walls are adorned with pictures of Belle and Beast and in the center of the room is a rotating statute of Belle and the Beast. This room has an elegant feel to it with plush chairs and well polished wood tables. Your food is brought to you via a butlers cart, however you are in charge of getting your own silverware and drinks, we were all very happy with our meals. After your meal, you are invited to explore the restaurant’s two other seating areas, The Ball room and the West Wing. The Ball room has high ceilings with chandeliers and an artist painted ceiling. Another feature the room has, is a picture window from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, this window shows a wintery scene complete with falling snow. The West Wing has a darker theme to it with black curtains, ripped paintings and the occasional crack of thunder and lightning. It also has the famous rose from the movie. The rose is a great special effect, encased in glass where the petals slowly fall, it’s a popular sight to behold and you may have to wait a bit to get a good picture of it, but it is worth a look.

Before departing the World, we went back to our hotel and had dinner at Sanaa. When we checked in we were given a pager as you would at a lot of other restaurants. However at this one the range of the pager extended out to the savannah overlook. While waiting for our table we enjoyed our last look at the animals in the daytime. When we were seated, we could still see the animals out the large windows through out the restaurant. We were looking for a more exotic menu and it didn’t disappoint. Although I thought my meal was a little small, my wife’s choice of the lamb shank and my mother’s choice of chicken were more than they could eat and I was happy to help them finish. The kids meals also had big portions with only one of my kids finishing their meal. However, when the dessert menu you came, everybody had room. The meal was a great end to a great vacation and we are counting down the days to our next trip!

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