My wife and I are always asked, “where is the best place to eat at Walt Disney World”. This is not an easy question to answer, there are a lot of variables, cost, cuisine and atmosphere. Keeping these criteria in mind, I will give my top choices for each park choosing one table service restaurant (sit down meal with waiter or waitress) and one quick service restaurant (no waiter or waitress). So here we go.

At the Magic Kingdom I think the best table service meal is Liberty Tree Tavern (lunch menu). This is why, this restaurant serves comfort foods that taste good. Once again the history dork in me comes out and I love the historic theme throughout the restaurant. The prices for are not bad compared to other table service meals. A very close second would be The Plaza Restaurant, the food is good, the price is just slightly higher than a quick service meal without dessert and if you get the right table you can get a great view of the castle. For a quick service meal it’s the Columbia Harbour House hands down. You have healthier choices on the menu (not that I pick those, my wife does). I also like the theme in this restaurant too, it’s nautical and has a lot of historical items in it.

At Epcot there is no easy choice, it all depends on what type of food you are in the mood for since you have a world of food to choose from. If my wife and I are looking for a romantic dinner, the Rose and Crown is our choice, get a lagoon side seat and watch Illuminations from there while eating dessert. The food is good, but I think the menu is a little limited. For a quick service meal my wife, four kids and I like to do what we call eat around the world. We get a little something from every country and expand our palette trying different things each time.

Hollywood Studios has a family favorite for us, 50’s Prime Time Cafe. There are a lot of comfort foods on the menu and the prices are reasonable compared to other Hollywood Studios meals. However these are not the big draw for us here, it is the atmosphere. This restaurant is the perfect replica for my great grandmother’s kitchen, from the tables, knick knacks and time period rerun clips. My kids don’t appreciate those features as much as my wife and I but there is a big draw for them too. They get excited about the wait staff. The servers are your cousins since everyone is family in this restaurant and they don’t hesitate to poke fun at you and make sure to use and observe your manners or you will get in “trouble”. It’s almost like dinner and a show. Choosing a quick service meal here is tough for the simple fact that there are only two places that have air conditioning, Pizza Planet and the ABC Commissary. However we favor the Studio Catering Company. The food is basic but has variety. We find it is a good place to eat after our kids have burned some energy playing at the Honey I Shrunk the Kids Play Set.

Tusker House is the top pick for my family at Animal Kingdom for a table service meal. Here you get a little bit of everything, it’s a buffet with African foods, has characters decked out in their safari gear and the price isn’t bad for all that is offered. Tusker House is also the only table service meal at Animal Kingdom that takes Tables in Wonderland (a discount card that is available to Florida residents, Annual Pass holders and DVC members that gives 20% off your meal). Pizzafari is the quick service restaurant choice for us. It’s air conditioned, which is hard to find in Animal Kingdom and I think the hot Italian sandwich is fantastic. Pizzafari is also one of only a few quick service restaurants that takes tables in wonderland.

Those are my picks for favorite table service restaurants and quick service restaurants. We would love to know what your favorites are so leave us a comment.