The countdown to 60 days had been discussed several times in our house. You see…at 60 days from check-in to your Walt Disney World Resort hotel your family can begin the new Fastpass+ process. Several thoughts ran through my head: no running up Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Boulevard in the Studios, up the ramp and down the stairs of Epcot’s’ Land Pavilion, and all the way to AFRICA in the Animal Kingdom…all without my family to get that old paper ticket Fastpass for the first (and only the first) must do ride of the day….no more leaving the family again for the subsequent multiple “brisk” walks through the parks to get the next batch of paper, often missing many great details…and an occasional ride.
The idea of being able to secure the “must-do” rides in each park two months ahead had us all excited … And a bit nervous.
Before we begin, let’s go over the rules and the process:
Log on to
Select mydisney experience on the navigation.
Sign in to the Disney account you may have already created.
From the drop down select Fastpass and then the first date of your trip.
Option to pick one you can only make Fastpass+ reservations in one park at a time from home. (Multiple park options await once down there.)
Next you will be able to select three rides (from home..again more await once down in the World) in that park, but no more than one per hour will be given (very similar to how the old paper system worked at the parks).

We began our (my disney)experience starting with Epcot on the afternoon of check in …Soarin..check..spaceship earth..check…Seas with nemo….why not…check. Press next to get your options….
At this point the my Disney experience site takes us to three choices to which you can edit. If you don’t see a perfect match worries. Our advice is to take the option almost completely opposite of when you want (ex:morning vs. afternoon). Then you can rearrange ride by ride without having any conflicts with other rides occupying the slots.

We actually kept Soarin at the time it selected for us and rearranged the others…and we were done.
The whole afternoon of Fastpass was done in 5 minutes. Had we been forced to use the old system we would have been stuck with what was left when we arrived (Think Soarin 7-8pm).

The rest of the days planned as easy…including a 10am window start for Enchanted Tales with Belle on day 2 at the Magic Kingdom ….and a 910am window start on day 3 at Hollywood Studios for Toy Story Midway Mania!
(Note: upon viewing the wait lines with May 2014 opening of the Seven dwarves mine train, we changed our Magic Kingdom FP from Enchanted Tales to the Seven Dwarves Mine Train with a window starting at 940am…and secured it immediately.)

Let’s just says for those reason alone…we say thank you to Fastpass+ (from home).