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Today we will talk about one specific attraction. It is as old as It’s A Small World, both are celebrating their 50th anniversaries. This show has more performances than any other stage show and began at the 1964-1965 Worlds Fair, and was Walt Disney’s favorite attraction. The attraction rarely has a wait even on the busiest days and fits perfectly in the Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland, with its “futuristic” views of a “great big beautiful tomorrow”. The attraction is Walt Disney’s Carrousel of Progress. This attraction is deeply rooted in Disney story telling, and technology and is a must for Disney nostalgia. The Carrousel of Progress isn’t the attraction I put on the list of must sees for anyone going to Disney World for the first time or maybe an only time trip. However, for the guest that enjoys all things Disney, and Disney history, it is a must (we visit it each trip).

The attraction came to Disney World in 1975 via Disneyland. It follows the average American family through four different scenes which contain modern day marvels of the time. The story begins in the early 1900’s and the setting of the first scene is Valentines Day where we meet the narrator of the story, John, and his trusty dog Rover. In this scene John points out the gas lamps, the water pump in the house, and washing machine his wife Sarah is using. You are also introduced to John and Sarah’s children, Patricia and Jimmy. At the end of the scene John sings the show’s theme song, There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, which is sung during the transition between each scene. In the next scene we are celebrating the Fourth of July in the 1920’s. The latest improvements include electric lights, a sewing machine, an ice box, and the radio. In the 1940’s, we celebrate Halloween and new advances in technology with the television and the dishwasher. In the final scene we see the future and the whole family gathered for Christmas. In this future, everything is automated and voice activated (however, pay no attention to the out of date virtual reality game and TV). As John ruins Christmas dinner with the help of the voice activated oven, we are reminded that There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow as the show ends. The show is uplifting and gives hope that tomorrow will be better with the help of new technologies.

So the next time you are in Tomorrowland, and in need of a little air conditioning with no wait, head to Walt Disney’s Carrousel of Progress.

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