If your family is like my family, you are traveling with kids of various ages and heights. With these factors there are different interests and fears. So what if you have a child that isn’t tall enough to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad or has a fear of heights and won’t go on Soarin? Not to worry, there is still plenty to keep the little ones busy while waiting for an older sibling on an attraction. Let’s start in the Magic Kingdom near Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. On this area you will find a great place for distracting your younger kids while the big kids go on Thunder Mountain or Splash Mountain. In between the two attractions and under the railroad station is a little play area with tunnels and a small slide. To boot, this playground is near a bathroom and a couple of character meet and greets if they are fans of Woody and Jessie. Another great area in the Magic Kingdom to entertain younger guests who are not tall enough to go on, say the Barnstormer for instance, is the Casey Junior Splash and Soak area in Fantasyland. This is a great place for the little ones to burn off some energy, get some free time from a stroller and cool down while getting soaked. It’s a great area to explore but you might want to have a change of clothes ready.

Over in Epcot there are a few places to cool down and keep your little ones entertained. In the Future World part of Epcot, Innoventions is a great place to explore. Innoventions East is near Test Track and Mission Space. In Innoventions East there are many games for kids to play and they may even learn something at the same time, you can join Habit Heroes or Test the Limits Labs to name a few. In Innoventions West, near Soarin or the Seas With Nemo, you can experience The Great Piggy Bank Adventure or learn fire safety in Where’s The Fire. Both Innoventions areas are inside and are air conditioned. Both are a lot of fun and should not be missed even if you don’t have little ones. Once you reach World Showcase, you can keep your kids entertained with the Kidcot Fun Stops while you soak up some of the local culture. At the first Kidcot Fun Stop you go to, your child will be given a craft to do. Currently they are decorating Duffy Bears (the bear Mickey brings on his trip around the world). At each country there will be a stop, your child can add more color to their Duffy along the way and have their name written on it in the native language of the country you are in I.E. Mexico, Norway, China, you get the idea. It is free and keeps your kids busy plus it is a great time for your kids to ask Castmembers who are native to the country questions about it.

At Hollywood Studios the best place for little ones to wait while older kids go on attractions is the Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playset. Although the movie is old, the playset is still very active. Kids can climb on the extra large ant, climb through a spider web, slide down a camera film roll, yes I said film. This is my kid’s favorite spot to play. The Streets of America is also a great place to explore and don’t forget to get wet at the leaky fire hydrant. There are also a lot of impromptu acts going on around the park so keep an eye out.

In Animal Kingdom, there are a few place to take the little ones. One of them is the Boneyard in Dinoland. There are slides and places to climb and explore. It’s a great spot to go while others are on Dinosaur. Another place to go, although it’s a little out of the way is Affection Section where kids can get close up to sheep and other petting zoo type animals. Also why you are out that way, explore Rafiki’s Planet Watch, there are a lot of neat things to see and you can pet some exotic animals from time to time. There are also other hidden gems too. You can play drums in Africa or get wet in a small splash area near Kali River Rapids.

So the next time you are waiting for your spouse and or the bigger kids in your group remember these spots where the little ones can run and play. There are many other activities to keep younger siblings busy, please let us know your favorites in the comment section below.