We all know that getting to the parks early is a great decision. Whether you want to be early for a character meet and greet, breakfast with the characters or hit your favorite attractions with little to no wait. But at the Magic Kingdom there is an added bonus. If you arrive at the park about twenty minutes before the park opens, you will be treated to the Welcome Show (on an extra magic hour day the show will still be before the 9am opening time). The Welcome Show is a great way to start your day at the Magic Kingdom. It puts you in a great mood and gets you excited for what awaits you in the Magic Kingdom. The show starts with one of the citizens of Main Street greeting you, it could be the mayor of Main Street, the fire chief or even Scoop Sanders the local reporter. As part of the greeting, you are introduced to the Main Street performers who give you your first show of the day, dancing and singing about what is in the Magic Kingdom. You are then introduced to the family of the day that helps open the park with the count down. However, before that, Mickey, Minnie and many other Disney characters arrive at the Main Street train station riding the train and welcome you to the park. After another song and dance, literally, the count down begins and Mickey officially opens the park. Once the count down reaches 1, streamers and confetti are set off, then the race to Space and the dash to Splash begins. This is a show my kids, my wife and I enjoy and is a must for us at least once a trip.