As you enter Tomorrowland from the hub on Main Street, there is nothing very futuristic about it. However this land represents a retro futuristic view of tomorrow, look at the metallic sculptures and signs throughout the land with the planets circling the sun in the center of Tomorrowland. As we enter Tomorrowland, the first attraction you come to is Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor on your right. The premise of this attraction is based on the movie Monsters Inc. where laughter creates electricity for Monstropolis. Since the monsters can’t bring large groups of people into Monstropolis they have created a comedy club in Tomorrowland where the monsters come to you to perform. As you enter the comedy club pay attention to the “stage” it show guests on a screen as they enter with comical statements under their image. Mike Wazoski, that’s Wazoski with one eye, is your Monster of Ceremonies and in charge of the talent or lack of at some points. He is joined by Roz on occasion who threatens Mike about making his quota. The show is about ten minutes long and is a great place to sit in air conditioning while getting a few laughs. Next to Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor is Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. Here, you help Buzz Lightyear defeat the Evil Emperor Zurg from Toy Story. Zurg is stealing all the batteries in the galaxy. You climb aboard your ship and use your laser blaster to shoot targets throughout the ride. This is a fun interactive ride that you and your little Space Rangers will enjoy, especially if you are fans of Buzz Lightyear. Continuing deeper into Tomorrowland is a classic Disney Attraction, Walt Disney’s Carrousel of Progress. Walt Disney created this attraction from start to finish for the 1964-1965 World’s Fair in New York. After the fair it was moved to Disneyland, and in 1975 was moved to Tomorrowland in Disney World. The attraction is in a circular building where there are six different stages in the center and the audience is sitting on a carrousel that goes around to each scene. Walt Disney’s Carrousel of Progress follows the advancement of technology for the average American family in the six scenes from the early 1900’s to the near future. In the first scene we meet the show’s narrator, John, who explains the new advances in technology and how there is a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow on the horizon. As the scenes progress, life gets easier and easier for John and his family to the point where John speaks to his appliances and they obey his every command (to a fault). Each scene ends with the song “It’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” and leaves you with a feeling that a bright future is ahead as you exit the attraction. This is not a thrill ride by any means but it’s a great show and should not be missed. As you exit Walt Disney’s Carrousel of Progress and take a right it brings you to one of the Magic Kingdom’s top thrill rides, Space Mountain. Although by today’s standards Space Mountain is not a fast roller coaster, what they lack in speed they make up in effects. The attraction takes place in the dark while images of planets and stars zoom across the ceiling. In addition to these elements, “Starryophonic” sound was added to the attraction enhancing the experience. Space Mountain is set up as a space port where experience take off and climb from the Earth’s atmosphere into the depths of space with multiple hills and dips. The ride ends with your re-entry into the atmosphere and you take a conveyor belt (think of the Jetsons) to the exit. After returning to Earth head over to the Tomorrowland Speedway where you can get that race car feel. The Tomorrowland Speedway was an opening day attraction at the Magic Kingdom and has had a few changes over the years but has remained relatively the same. Children must be accompanied by an adult in each car but it’s a great experience kids to try their hand behind the wheel. Across from the Tomorrowland Speedway is Cosmic Ray’s where you can get dinner and a show. Although you can get just about anything at this quick service restaurant, the drawback is you may have to wait in different lines to appease different palates. Once you have your food, grab a seat on the lower level to watch Sonny Eclipse (an audio animatronics figure) perform. Once you have had your fill of food and Sonny, take a walk over to Stitch’s Great Escape. Here you can watch as they prepare to transport Stitch, from Lilo and Stitch, however things don’t go as planned. Stitch escapes from his cage and reeks havoc on the building and guests observing the transport. Due to the fact this attraction is in the dark and has a few surprises I don’t recommend it for young children. At the center of Tomorrowland is the Tomorrowland Transit Authority (TTA) and Astro Orbiter. The Astro Orbiter takes place high above Tomorrowland and gives a unique view of Tomorrowland and other parts of the Magic Kingdom. After taking and elevator up to the Astro Orbiter you will board your rocket and circle around in the same fashion as Dumbo. Under the Astro Orbiter is the final attraction in Tomorrowland, the TTA. The TTA gives you a leisurely look at Tomorrowland with unique views of the inside of Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin and Mickey’s Startraders from above. Another interesting item on this tour is the scale model of what Epcot was suppose to be like. The TTA should be an attraction experienced during the day and at night, it gives you two totally different experiences.

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