Last time we talked about Adventureland, now we will be going to Frontierland which is situated between Adventureland and Liberty Square. If we enter Frontierland from Adventureland, the first thing we come across is Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe which has been open since the Magic Kingdom’s opening day. Pecos Bill is the largest quick serve restaurant at the Magic Kingdom. Pecos Bill also boasts the largest fixings bar which has more toppings than you could ever put on one burger. The restaurant also pays tribute to tall tales of the old west with its various items on display, hence the name of the establishment. After you pass Pecos Bill, you come to an intersection. At this intersection there is a door to your left. This is the entrance to a back stage area where the Magic Kingdom parades start or end depending on the route travelled. At this junction we will go straight toward Splash Mountain. Splash Mountain opened in July of 1992 and is 87 feet tall. There is a height requirement, requiring passengers to be at least 40 inches tall. Splash Mountain is a log flume ride based on the film Song of the South. From anywhere in Liberty Square and Frontierland you can here the screams of riders taking the 52 foot plunge into the Briar Patch on Splash Mountain. As you approach Splash Mountain from Pecos Bill, you cross a bridge where there is a great vantage point to watch passengers in their logs splash down and go under the bridge. Just after the bridge on the left is a gift shop that sells a wide variety of items, a lot having a splash mountain theme to them. If you continue to bear to the left you will go under the Frontierland train station where you will come to the beginning of the queue entrance. Just like the Jungle Cruise queue pay attention to the detail, there are many things to look at and listen to. The local paper, Rabbit Tales, gives the warnings before you ride. When you are on the attraction the detail continues to tell the story and is comical, look for the Critter Elixir that cures flat feet, fleas and fur balls or find the Muskrat Moonshine. There is even a book on the attraction that will instruct you on “How to Catch a Rabbit” by Brer Wolf. The attraction for the most part is calm, relaxing and good fun. There are a few small drops before the big one, but due to the anticipation of the big drop you may miss a lot of the details and enjoyment of the story being told so you will have to ride it a couple times to get the full enjoyment out of the ride. As you leave the attraction don’t forget to look at picture taken during the drop which you can purchase at the gift shop at the exit. On a side note, if you have little ones to small to ride there is a great little playground under the train station. If you have older kids who are too afraid to ride, just past the playground there is usually a meet and greet with Woody or Jessie from Toy Story to pass the time. Next we will go to Big Thunder Mountain Rail Road. Thunder Mountain is the tallest of the Magic Kingdom’s mountains at 104 feet and like Splash Mountain, riders must be 40 inches tall. The queue has recently gone through a refurbishment adding detail to the story line and interactive games while you are waiting. As with all attractions at Disney World there is a back story to Thunder Mountain. Thunder Mountain takes place in the town of Tumbleweed, an old mining town that is almost deserted except for the people on the second floor of the saloon and Cumulus Isobar in his bath tub. The town was deserted as the result of a flash flood caused by Isobar’s rain making machine when the town suffered a drought. Tumbleweed was a town doomed from the start, it was built on sacred ground which the miners ignored in their pursuit of riches. Although the residents have all but left the trains still run by themselves along the Thunder Mountain Rail Road. After you survive the wildest ride in the wilderness, head over to Tom Sawyer’s Island. Due to the fact Tom Sawyer’s Island is an island you need to take one of four rafts to get there. The rafts are appropriately named, Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn, Becky Thatcher and Injun Joe. Once you are on the island it’s an excellent playground for kids of all ages, there are caves to explore, walking paths which lead all over the island to places like Harper’s Mill or Aunt Polly’s. At Aunt Polly’s, which you use to be able to purchase peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and other refreshments but it’s closed, although you can find vending machines there. While you are on the island Aunt Polly’s is still a great place to go an relax in one of the rocking chairs along the river bank and if you time it correctly you can even watch the afternoon parade from there. After taking your break at Aunt Polly’s follow the trail along the barrel bridge to Fort Langhorn. While at the fort, take time to see the “horses and blacksmith” in the stable, climb the stairs into the towers and take aim with the rifles at the look outs and take the escape tunnel out of the fort. Once you have had your fill of Tom Sawyer’s Island, take the raft back and enjoy the rest of Frontierland with a visit to Grizzly Hall to watch the Country Bear Jamboree. The Country Bears have been performing since opening day at the Magic Kingdom and were so popular that the attraction was also built in Disneyland. As you enter the theater, you are entertained by Melvin, Buff and Max whose heads are mounted to the wall. The host of the show is a bear named Henry who introduces all the musical acts. This is a fun show for the whole family with the humor in the songs going over the heads of youngsters. Some of the titles include the The Bear Band Serenade, Blood on the Saddle, All the Guys that Turn Me On Turn Me Down and Tears will be the Chaser for your Wine to name a few. Some of these songs will stick in your head for hours, or longer. Last it not least in Frontierland is The Golden Horseshoe. This use to be a stage show, but now is open seasonally as a quick service restaurant with the Toy Story characters Woody and Jessie making appearances from time to time so keep an eye open for scheduled hours. Also look for Donald Duck dressed in his vest and coon skin cap around Frontierland.

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