No trip to the Magic Kingdom is complete without a trip to Adventureland. In this exotic land you will find many adventures, from climbing a luxury tree house to a boat ride through a town being invaded by pirates not to mention some tasty treats. Let’s start our walk through Adventureland from Main St. As you approach the entrance to this land notice the sign “inviting” you in with skulls, shields and spears. After you cross the foreboding wooden bridge to your right is the meet and greet area for Tinker Bell and her friends. Next to Tinker Bell’s Nook is one of two locations where you can find one of Disney World’s tastiest treats, the Dole Whip. I prefer the pineapple orange swirl, my wife likes orange vanilla and my kids will eat any combination of the Dole Whips. To your left is a treehouse anyone would want, The Swiss Family Tree House. The tree house has some great detail and a lot of neat things to look at, however I have found that there is an excellent view of the Magic Kingdom from the top and a chance to get some great photos. Another place to get a birds eye view of Adventureland is at Magic Carpets of Aladdin. The observant guest will see “jewels” imbedded in the ground. On a hot day don’t forget to visit the Leaky Tikis or get “spit” on by the camels, my kids think it is hilarious. Another place for hidden gems in Adventureland is the queue to the Jungle Cruise. A few of the gags in the queue pay homage to important people to the Disney Company, some you may have to listen for. On the Jungle Cruise your skipper will guide you through an adventure that can only happen at the Magic Kingdom, using intentionally corny joke after corny joke. You will see an affectionate python, a group of gorillas who get a jeep turned over, the backside of water, elephants wearing their trunks and Shirley’s Temple. Although this attraction does not have a gift shop at the end of it you can meet Chief Nami, the head salesman, he is running a special, two of his heads for one of yours. After surviving the Jungle Cruise stop by the Tiki Room, although it is a neat show and my kids love it, it’s not one of my favorites. However, when I’m watching it I think of the nostalgia of Walt Disney himself helping to develop the show which all started with a mechanical bird he saw on vacation. The tiki birds were originally going to be part of a dinner show but when this idea became impractical it was decided to make it a stage show. The Tiki Room was opened as the Tropical Serenade on opening day at Disney World the original show played until 1997 when it was updated and reopened in 1998 starring Aladdin’s Iago and the Lion King’s ZaZu being renamed The Tiki Room: Under New Management. The update lasted until 2011 when there was a fire in the building and the original show was brought back. The Tropical Serenade was sponsored by the Florida Citrus Growers, who also sponsored a snack stand to the left of the Tiki Room exit, Sunshine Tree Terrance the snack stand is still there today. This stand also had its own mascot, The Orange Bird, who is not a Disney character as we know them. The Orange Bird was created by Disney to represent the Florida Citrus Growers when the sponsorship began. The Orange Bird left the Magic Kingdom for a while but returned for the Magic Kingdom’s 40th anniversary to represent the Sunshine Tree Terrace once more. The final attraction before heading into Frontierland is Pirates of the Caribbean. Pirates was never suppose to be at Disney World, however, after its huge success in Disneyland guests made many complaints after it was not in Disney World. Because there were so many complaints Pirates was added to the Magic Kingdom in 1973. Like its Disneyland counterpart, Pirates of the Caribbean was a huge success in Disney World. This attraction is so popular It inspired the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, which in turn resulted in an update of the attraction in 2006 adding Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbosa to the attraction. With the popularity of pirates, Adventureland has added a new interactive game Treasures of the Seven Seas, and a show, Captain Jack’s Tutorial. Hope you enjoyed our stroll though Adventureland and find your own treasures the next time you are in this exotic land.

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