For those of you who may be planning a trip or for those who like to keep up on the “news” of Disney Parks, you may have heard a lot about the changes in Disney’s Fastpass system. I am purposely referring to it in that manner because some years back, Disney pioneered the concept introducing a huge change in their theme parks. An idea of “giving up your space in line” in return for coming back later and passing fast through the que, essentially skipping the line. At the time, there was no pressure being put on Disney by the public for this because none of us ever expected it possible.

Well, Disney not only gave anyone with a park ticket the ability to use this option, but probably changed the way Americans toured an amusement park. Many of us who went to the World frequently developed a strategy that worked for our families in each park. We designated one person to become the “runner” for these Fastpass tickets for the group while the rest leisurely strolled through the park. We were able to enjoy more rides than ever, able to do more and wait less. It was incredible to show off our new style of park touring to every first timer that came with us. To many, this was how we did things and became part of our natural discipline.

So, what does this look at history have to do with today. Well, we have just heard that Disney’s existing Fastpass system will be giving way to its new next generation Fastpass+ design, part of the entire My Magic+ rollout.

Reviews have actually been very positive of those who have used it. Yet, many have sounded off against what is being “taken away from them”. Surely, Disney “no longer values their attendance” .maybe leading some to stop attending..because Disney is introducing a change.

In the end, change is what gave us that first opportunity to use Fastpass..and change brings us the next generation of Fastpass+, one that has yet to be able to show us it’s full potential. I would like to take the time to say THANK YOU to Disney.

To even contemplate that any change to how we all get to skip the line would cause anyone to think about stop going to Walt Disney World is just silly. As if Fastpass was ever the reason we went to Disney in the first place.