As I look at the freezing rain out my window today, what else would I think of but being at one of the two Disney Water parks: Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. Let’s start with the older of the two, Typhoon Lagoon which opened in 1989. As with everything that Disney does, there is a back story to Typhoon Lagoon. The area where Typhoon Lagoon is use to be a tropical paradise, however a typhoon hit and devastated the area. Fishing gear, surf boards and boats were in shambles all over, including the Miss Tilly which sits atop Mount Mayday and spouts water every thirty minutes. The other water park is Blizzard Beach which opened in 1995. As the story is told, there was a freak snow storm that dumped a ton of snow in Florida, at which point a group of investors saw an opportunity to build a ski resort in Florida. However, the snow was quickly melting after the ski resort was built and the investors thought they were doomed until they saw an alligator having fun sliding down the watery slopes and turned it into a water park. Now that we have covered the theme to each of the parks, what is there to do at them? Let’s go through the similarities first. Both parks have a lazy river, a family raft ride, areas for preschoolers and many types of body slides and tube slides. Each of these areas is designed to the park’s overall theme. Although there are a lot of basic similarities there are a few things that stand out about each park. Let’s look at Typhoon Lagoon first. Typhoon Lagoon boasts the worlds largest wave pool, which sends a seven foot wave your way every ninety seconds. You can even sign up for a special tour before the park opens and learn to surf in the wave pool. At Typhoon Lagoon, you can also find the Crush and Gusher. The Crush and Gusher is comprised of three different ride experiences where you sit in inner tubes and go on a water roller coaster where you go down dips and pushed up hills by jets of water. Another notable area is the Shark Reef. In this area you grab fins and a snorkel and swim in a man made reef with sharks and other sea creatures. There are viewing areas above the reef and you can even watch from portholes below the water. If you are a certified diver, check out the Dive Quest article that tells you about diving in Disney. Now we will leave our tropical water park and head to its polar opposite, Blizzard Beach. At Blizzard Beach you will find the world’s second tallest water slide, Summit Plummet. It is 120 feet tall and you reach a speed of 60mph. It is designed to look like a ski jump, and as you go down, a sensor is triggered and water is shot out making it look like riders are about to go off the jump. You could choose to walk up to the starting point of Summit Plummet and Team Boat Springs, the family raft ride, or you could just take the ski lift which let’s you off at the top of Mount Gushmore. Next, we will head over to Toboggan Racers where up to eight people lay on foam mats and race each other going down the slide face first. Downhill Double Dipper is another racing slide where two people on identical slides race to the bottom and the race is timed. These are a great way to be the heat in addition to your resort pool. Also remember to get there early they can get crowded fast.

That’s our brief look at the two Disney water parks. If you have any advice leave a comment below or on our Twitter page @disneyhelp.