Trash probably isn’t something you think too much of at Disney World. Not that I would ever expect anybody to think about trash on vacation, but it may not be something you think about since you rarely see it at Disney World. Think of all the other places you have been to: parks, amusement parks or even your own town. More often than not there is trash on the ground even in a well kept area. So how do they keep everything so clean and fresh at Disney World? Let’s leave the trash aside for a bit. The Castmembers are always hard at work doing maintenance at the parks and resorts. This is a twenty four hour a day operation from washing the parks down every night while guests sleep to painting and changing light bulbs to keep everything looking brand new. This includes the constant cleaning of windows all over the property and wiping down door knobs and banisters. Then there is the laundry, just think of all the employees at Disney World on a daily basis: maintenance, mouse keeping, ride operators, janitorial staff, hotel staff, characters, performers and bus drivers to name a few but you get the idea. The Castmember’s uniforms are turned in everyday so they can be cleaned overnight, yes overnight, so that way they will look brand new and be clean for he next day. Disney puts great effort into making your trip magical, keeping everything beautiful and new plus keeping unsightly trash out of the view of guests. Although have you ever noticed how many trash cans are around the parks or how at the Magic Kingdom you rarely see someone emptying a trash bin and what about the fact that there are no recycling containers anywhere in the parks. Let’s take the first part of the statement about how many trash cans there are. Before the opening of Disneyland, the company actually did research on how far people would walk out of their way to put trash in its place. Some of this research was done by Walt himself. They determined that about 25 steps was the distance people would walk to throw something away. However when someone doesn’t take those extra steps to throw things away in the trash can, Castmembers as part if their training and no matter what their position in the organization, are expected to pick up any trash they see. So what about those trash can at the Magic Kingdom that are never full but nobody ever empties. To assist in the trash collecting the Magic Kingdom has a vacuum system that sucks all the trash in the trash cans down into a central collection area. This is the reason why you don’t see trash being emptied in many areas of the Magic Kingdom. What about the recycling though, Disney has been recognized and given awards for being a Green company? Why are there no recycling bins at the parks? When it comes to recycling Disney goes the extra mile. They have a central facility where they bring all the trash collected from all over the Disney property. At this facility Castmembers sift through all the trash and remove the recyclables. So the next time you are worried about not finding a recycling container don’t be and remember to take those few extra steps to put your trash where it belongs.

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