All of us who are parents have been there. Whether you are getting off an attraction, run into a store to get out of the rain, browsing or walking by a street vender, something catches your child’s eye and they ask for it. So what’s the big deal? Well if it is the first day of vacation and since a lot of the attractions end in stores or end next to one this could get very annoying or expensive really fast. With our children we have found a system that works very well for us on vacation and at home. With four children it would be very costly to indulge their every wish and we don’t want to break their spirits or the magic of being in Disney World by saying no all the time. We let them browse and get ideas of what they want. Early on in the week we tell them that on, for example Thursday, they will be able to pick out an item. If there is an item they want, we tell them to put it on their “list” for later. The list isn’t something we write out, they remember what they want. On Thursday we allow them to pick out an item from their list, so if they truly wanted something they will remember it and they forget what would be an impulse buy. This system has worked incredibly well for us. So well in fact that we have had other parents ask us how we do it seeing that we have a herd of children. One time in particular that this worked extremely well for us was a few years ago. I attended a conference for work at Disney World which we just had to arrive a few days early for and then we needed a vacation after the conference. Due to the fact that my wife would be spending a lot of time at the hotel while I was at the conference we put our plan into place telling our daughters they could pick something out on Sunday night of our trip. Instead of getting one gift each they decided to get one gift to share. This sounds great but they wanted the Cinderella’s Castle playset which I thought was a little pricy but my wife said, she was going to be in the room with them quite a bit so we were going to get the castle. To this day, I think it was one of the best items we have purchased. My kids still play with it to this day and it saved my wife’s sanity on the trip since they played with it every second they were awake in the hotel room.

On a different trip my wife and I surprised the kids with Mickey/Minnie ears on the first day. While we were at the Magic Kingdom I snuck off the the Chapeau on Main St., got the ears and had then embroidered with their names. When we got back to the hotel my wife distracted them in the store at the hotel and I went to the room and put the ears and a few snacks on the bed. When we got back to the room they were excited about the ears wondering how they got there with their names on them. This also quenched their thirst to buy a toy early in the trip since they already got a surprise gift.

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