In past posts we have talked about what to pack, planning what you want to do in and out of the parks and what to expect. When my wife and I talk to other families who are going on a Disney vacation, we give various items of advice. As part of our advice we tell people to “train” for their vacation. After being laughed at for about five minutes they look at us and realize we are serious and then they ask why. The reason is simple, think about how much walking you will do while in Walt Disney World. You walk to the busses in the morning, from the busses to the park entrance and once inside a park you walk a lot more. More often than not, at a brisk pace because you are so excited about what you are going to do next. For example, say on average you are at the parks for about ten hours a day. You take an hour break for lunch, an hour for dinner and you wait in line for about three hours for attractions. This leaves five hours of walking a day. Even if you walk at a pace of two miles an hour, that is ten miles a day, typically in the heat. That is the reason why my family “trains” for vacation. Although we are an active family with my wife and I working out and our kids in multiple sports we still feel the need to get ready for our Disney Vacation. About three months before our trip we go on many family walks around our neighborhood which gradually get longer and longer. This is a great way to spend some family time together, talk, and get excited for our up coming trip. These walks are also a good opportunity for my wife and I to get ready for pushing a stroller around the parks (I also use to have the youngest in a child backpack which definitely needed some training). All of this training helps us better prepare for our trip, to avoid a mid week melt down (see the Final Meltdown article) and have a better time in the parks.

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