There are a lot of options when choosing a spot to watch Disney parades and fireworks shows but some are better than other for reasons we will talk about here.

Let’s start in the Magic Kingdom and the afternoon parade. The best spot we have found for the afternoon parade is right in front of the train station. A lot of the characters stop there and there are great picture and video opportunities. If you have kids that are afraid of the characters and like to see them from afar watch from on top of the train station. If you are early enough to the spot you can even get a seat. This is also a great spot if you plan to leave after the parade since you are close to the exit. For the night time parade and fireworks you can pick a spot and stay for both. We like to be at the end of Main Street near the hub. As you are looking at the castle be on the left corner. From that position you get an on coming view of the parade floats and can look at all the details as they make their turn down Main Street. For the fireworks, you are close enough to get the effect with the castle but far enough away to see them all.

For watching Illuminations we have we have found a few spots. Location number one is at La Cantina in Mexico. The next spot is our second favorite which is along the lagoon between Mexico and Norway. From here you can get a nun obstructed view of the show. Our favorite spot is booking a table for two lagoon side at the Rose and Crown in the UK. Since we are a family of six the only time we do this is on a night we have someone to watch the kids. But it’s great to be sitting down having dessert and a drink while watching Illuminations, which is our favorite night time show.

Over at Hollywood Studios we have two locations to watch the parade. One spot is near the entrance on the right side of the street as you look towards the Sorcerers Hat. The other is in front of the entrance to Star Tours. The reason for this is simple. Right after the parade you can usually walk right onto Star Tours with no wait.

While on safari at the Animal Kingdom we like to enjoy the parade on Discovery Island or in Africa. On Discovery Island we watch the parade near path leading to the Oasis. You can get great pictures of the parade with the Tree of Life in the background. Plus if you plan to leave the park after the parade it is easy access to the exit. In Africa we watch the parade across from the entrance to Kilamanjaro Safari. It has a great vantage point for the parade and after the parade you can walk right on the safari with little to no wait.

Those are our picks for parade and fireworks spots. If you have any secret locations to watch from we would love to hear them. Please leave a comment on here, like us on Facebook at Disneyhelp or follow us on Twitter @Disneyhelp.